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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Bad news in Biloxi

Grand Casino Biloxi washed across U.S. 90. Treasure Bay's pirate ship was beached. Beau Rivage still stood, while Hard Rock Casino -- scheduled to open in early September - was half destroyed. Hard Rock's signature guitar, touted as the world's largest, survived the lashing. In Gulfport, the Copa Casino barge sat on land next to the Grand Casino parking garage.

-SunHerald (Biloxi, Miss.) newspaper

The last thing I remember about being in Biloxi was the unusual sensation of feeling the white sand in between my toes. I regretted not playing there in May.

Wow. What a difference a year makes. Exactly a year ago this week, the crew was all shuffling chips at 1-4-8-8 tables in poker rooms in Biloxi and Gulfport, I was as scared as I've ever been a that nasty $5/10 NL table at the Grand and we learned about "Poker Gods" from Gypsy the local.

Even though I felt that the tight, rockish play of the locals in Biloxi tipped my hand toward the fabulous games up the state in Tunica, I always thought I'd return. I definitely wanted to see the new Hard Rock in Biloxi.

But now that may be a while. Our wire service has reported terrific damage in those areas from Hurricane Katrina, water coming up onto the third level of some riverboats there and that the Hard Rock sustained terrific damage. I had hoped to visit there sometime after it opened to play in its new poker room.

I hope for the best for everyone affected in the area and a speedy recovery to the poker rooms there!


  • Last September it was the first time I entered the US. And although my first impresion of that magnificent country of yours was Atlanta, it was finally Orlando the place where I stood for 15 beautiful days. And as you can imagine it was a dream come true. I was on this awesome place with my fellow senior cadets of my airforce. Yes, 110 friends of mine. A wild party indeed. For 15 days the Hampton Inn of southkirkman road, became our 24/7 party place.

    Of course we all enjoyed Epcot, Universal, Cirque Du Soleil, and what not.

    But there was another "guest" for that week. It was hurricane Jeanne.
    It was the only hurricane of the season that got Orlando still as a Hurricane.

    And although my country is very familiar with earthquakes, hurricanes are out of our horizon. And I'm glad it is that way.

    We (all) couldn't believe how the city prepared (almost as if nothing was about to happen) and certainly we were astonished by how the city and (of course) the people recovered. It was truly an amazing thing, and obviously something for you to be proud of.

    All the strenght and energy for those of you who have lost something or someone to mother nature's wrath.

    Certainly we all have lost once more...

    By Blogger Victor_Enriq, at 12:22 AM  

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