Saturday, August 27, 2005

The Fisherist

Oh, put me in coach/I'm ready to play...
-John Fogarty

So right now I'm watching and waiting out a train wreck. I have a table open at Eurobet, watching this guy play $15/30 and am absolutely drooling. Only problem is, I'm 2nd on the waiting list.
And, by the way, $15/30 is where no cat has gone before. It's truly Poker Girl territory. No way my bankroll says I'm ready for this.
Just like many things, it all happened when I finished Poker Room's $200 bonus and sent all the troops back to the USS Neteller. While that was happening, I tried to polish off a bonus on Interpoker, but the tables were full and tight. So I got out of there in a hurry. I burned off about $600 in wage requirements at Omni Casino before becoming bored.
And then I thought, I'll just look up the Fisherist Watch List. These are the "Buddy Lists" that are on Party Poker and their skins. You can use Poker Tracker and Game Time + or Poker Ace HUD together to find the fishiest of fish and put them in your buddy list so you can find them when you're playing at the same time.
So I found a handful of promising $3/6 and $2/4 fish on my fisherist list on Empire Poker. But then on Eurobet, I found a huge fisherist (the word comes from the way the Buddy List is like a U.S. terrorist watch list -- you troll for offending fish the same way, with computer-assisted help) who normally is at $5/10 but now was playing at $10/20.
So it was on! Unfortunately I only had a token amount of money in my Eurobet account, much less than the 30BB that would make me comfortable to be at a $10/20 table.
When I was there, something funny happened. The fisherist turned into a tight 18/9 player. But there was this other guy -- he literally played $100 of his hands. 28 of 28 before he busted out and lost $318. And he gave a few hundred to me in about 20 minutes. I'll take it.
In the last hand, he called in early and I had the Brunson (102o) in the BB. Flop gave me an open-ended straight, he bet, I called. Turn was an A and two hearts now. We capped it. River was another K, the K of hearts. I was really concerned he might have sucked out! We bet, but he went down with trip kings. A nice pot was mine.
The guy was so bad that the fisherist actually typed to the superfishy guy: "Do you even know how to play?"
He busted out, but now he's playing $15/30. Ugh. And he had $700 and now is down to $115 and is out.
No fair. I guess my chance to debut at $15/30 will have to come another time.

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