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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Midnight at Bellagio

There are always loose games here.
-Seat 10 (the Sham's Seat), Table 32, Bellagio

LAS VEGAS -- Surely I've found the cure to the tight online blues.
I'm utg with AA at the Bellagio's $4/8 tables, just after midnight. Craziness is in the air; just two tables over, these young guns are whooping it up at a NL table.
I raise. This guy with 99 makes it 3-bets. This fishy guy from China 4-bets it with ATs.
"Raise," I say, pushing the wager to $20. Three people call.
This is exactly what I've been looking for as I've sought a reprieve from the demanding, show no mercy world of online limit poker. Make any kind of mistake and table jackals have been waiting to raise you all day. A world where 11 percent VP$PF is reality.
But not here. The fishy Asian guy cannot hardly wait to get all his money in with ATs. He's all in for two more. I raise, knowing that the ten on the flop could be my undoing, although tens have usually worked in my favor here in one of the best poker rooms in the world. A year ago, I cracked some guy's all-in with AA on the flop with my set of tens.
But my AA holds up against some hands that people would never dream of 5-betting online: 99, 88. ATs.
I was down nearly $100 but I cash out up $84, leaving after the fishy Asian guy and his friend bust out. I don't need Game Time + to tell me that the table percentages just dropped.
Later -- the night was still young -- I drove over to the MGM Grand, hoping for more of the same. At 2 a.m., the good thing is you can find great parking over there! I play at a fishy table that even goes 5-handed at one point. But I never get good cards and leave there down $60 after a little more than an hour.
But I like my start. Three hours and $24 profit. 1 BB an hour! LOL
For a while, I'd worried that coming here, especially on such short notice and right after Tunica, was excessive. But the games already have made it worth coming back to my second city.
The games! The games!


  • ah... the envy... the envy...
    (saying it as MArlon Brando on Apocalypse Now, changing "horror" for a more appropiate feeling)

    For me here in Chile (with the Bellagio as desktop) your poker life is a dream!

    By Blogger Victor_Enriq, at 9:26 PM  

  • One day you'll get here and see for yourself!

    By Blogger kurokitty, at 12:54 AM  

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