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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Prop Playin'

So I was chasing a $90 monthly bonus at Interpoker when I saw an interesting promotion: regular online players can become temporary prop players.
How awesome! I've toyed with the idea of being an online prop before. It would be cool to be one at a B&M, like Shirley Rosario at the Bike.
The reason, the site says, is to become a site "without robots." They'll pay you a rate starting at about $10 an hour (for two hours) to start up a game.
The offers come randomly while you are playing. The first time was Sunday evening. They offered me a chance to play at a $2/4 table. I said "yes," but lost the chance somehow- I had all of my money at two tables. I sat down at the open seat and then was told I had to get more money and had to exit. Then I was informed I'd lost the chance to be a prop.
Yesterday I was playing at one $2/4 (6-max) table and then was given the chance -- a 3/6 (GBP) game -- like a $6/12 (6-max) game!
So I accepted with what money I had - I think it was like the equivalent of 70 pounds.
And I waited. And waited.
Finally it became 3-way action, with two European players, both of whom brought a more realistic amount of money -- like 200 pounds.
But I was a terror to them. I raised every hand I played. And then I got AA, JJ and KK twice. I was killing them!
Somehow I timed out on a hand -- the site doesn't really give you much warning if you're up and you're paying attention to another screen.
Because I had inadvertently timed out, my brief prop career was over. They promised to credit me with the equivalent of what I had earned as a prop -- $0.69. Yay!
But I cashed out nearly $100 from the Europeans.
In other news, can't wait to go to Tunica tomorrow evening with Mark. Hopefully it'll be as fishy as last time we went, during Fourth of July weekend.


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