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Monday, August 22, 2005

Riding the waves (for free)

This is Radio Clash on pirate satellite/orbiting your living room/cashing in the Bill of Rights/This is Radio Clash on pirate satellite...
-The Clash

Yes! It finally happened!
I'm writing to you ... look ma! No wires!
A puzzle has been solved at long last.
It all started during wine-soaked moments in the living room of my flight attendant neighbor. We'd troll around on her laptop. There were three wireless signals in our building and at least one wasn't encrypted.
Well, I stored that away for a while. Until Mark had his computer problems and I went with him to Best Buy. I bought a wireless adapter-thingy and we came back to hook it up.
Only problem was, there was only one signal. And it was encrypted.
Well, a week went by. I went to Las Vegas. Back home, I kept on turning on my computer, hoping the wireless signals would show up.
But they didn't.
I called Meg. No answer.
Today, I was in the middle of Empire Poker's $100 reload bonus and Meg finally called me back.
Yes, there are three signals.
OK. But where?
So I finally dragged out my computer and placed it around the house.
Kitchen: Only the encrpyted signal.
Living room: No signal.
Flabbergasted, I went back to my bedroom. Only one place. The table on the other side of the room.
I set it up. And voila! Three signals. One was not encrypted.
But that one would fade in and out and I would get disconnected in the middle of hands.
But out of somewhere, there was a fourth signal.
And I rode that one all the way to the end of the bonus, baby!


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