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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Tunica -- "There's nothing I won't play"

Just as I remembered it.
-text message from Mark as we're playing at a $4/8 table at the Horseshoe

Man, it's so fishy.

Tunica. We're back, Mark and I, and are loving it. Using those SkyMiles (Delta is going to be bankrupt soon, right??) really paid off. The flight was 49 minutes and we cruised our way into Memphis.
The trip has been very smooth. Go to airport and pick up free tickets. Cruise into the Crown Room Club for a drink and to watch planes. Be escorted directly to our rental car, the trunk of the rental already open and waiting. No delays.
"Empire would love the seamless modes of transportation," Mark says.
Driving in the rental car, in no time we were seeing the lights of the casinos along the Mississippi. We checked into the Horseshoe (it seemed a lot better of a deal than at the Gold Strike for the poker rate, mainly that your rate is listed as the rate when you sign in). Plus although the poker room uses tracking cards to issue you a comp, they do not have a system running yet that requires you to "clock in" and begin recording your time played. The requirement for the rate, like at the 'Strike, is 5 hours. But it seems to be honor system at the 'Shoe, just like at the Sahara in Las Vegas.
We started off play at a great $4/8 table at the 'Shoe and played there for an hour before it broke up. I think Mark must have busted out a couple people there and he was up $180 or so. I was up about $80. We both went to different tables -- after an hour or so he cashed out $110 and I cashed out $25.
While I was waiting for him I tried my hand at $5 blackjack. It was fun but a little nerve wracking, as doing anything for the first time is. I had to think about the strategy for a couple of hands, even though I have thousands of hands in online. I made $5! Woo hoo!
Later Mark and I went to the 'Strike and played. The shoe was brutal. But after a few of them I finally caught up and was up $15!
We settled down at a $3/6 table and because I had to wait through the button, I went to the restroom. When I came back, Mark had pretty much doubled up, from some great hands. The table was fishy but, just like the time last month when I was playing against a drunk person there, I didn't get anything to fall in my favor. -$125. Oh, well. That's how it goes. There's plenty of time to mount a comeback.
Before I left, one of the slottos outside the poker room (it's weird they've removed all of the slots inside the poker room, which used to have them up against the wall for apparently decorative reasons) started to ring. Then you hear laughter.
It's "The Kid," the buoyant local. He's just won $1,520 on a penny machine.
"Is there anything you won't play?" I ask him. I've seen him try his hand at O8 or better, doubled up through him in NL $1/2 and taken money from him in shorthanded limit $3/6.
"No, there's nothing I won't play," he says, smiling and shaking my hand.


  • Wish I could be there for the deployment. How are you going to win any monster hands if I can't tilt the poker gods in your favor simply by stepping off of the elevator?

    Stay the course, and let the fish come to you!


    By Anonymous DouglasDamon, at 3:03 PM  

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