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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Almost there

DENVER -- I'm here in the airport, playing (or was playing) the WP until the program froze up on me.

Had a chance to read Card Player on the plane (got my upgrade again yay) and thought Alan Schoonmaker had a good comment in his column about playing tougher games for your education. Because of the WP, I've probably been playing more limit than ever before and certainly much tighter and tougher games. I still am often not sure of how to proceed preflop when every single hand is raised. I need to trust my instincts a little more when I get raised, too. It's just so easy to hit the call button.

So thirty more minutes here and then another couple hours to Seattle. My plan is to drive directly from the airport to Muckleshoot, play there for a little while and then end up at my hotel room in Bellevue before the Full Tilt tourney. (I had a horrible scare when I got here to Denver. I opened my bag to pull out my extension cord/power adapter for my laptop and was shocked to discover it wasn't there! I had visions of only being able to play the tournament for an hour until I realized I stashed the cord in a side pocket. Whew).


  • Good luck in the tourney. It would be so cool if you got an entry to the WSOP.

    By Blogger Mark, at 7:04 PM  

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