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Monday, April 10, 2006

Cats are pleased

Right now I'm at work, with a suspicious red hue on my nose, my forehead and my arms. I can't believe I'm nearly sunburnt, as I don't burn that easily and, I don't really get out that much.

Especially with the lure of 100 percent rake back at the World Poker Exchange. It's been an interesting experience. The games are possibly among the tightest/hardest I've played. Limited players means limited tables and I'm pretty sure the people I'm playing against at the $5/10 and $10/20 tables play higher. Well, I do, too, but it's really been an education.

I've become a check-raising fool, trying to keep people from running over me. Plus I've had to make all kinds of decisions what to do with medium pairs, AKs that don't go anywhere and steal situations.

That said, I've been happy with my play. I'm not afraid of the games. I like being able to multi-table for long hours at a time. One player even asked me if I was a prop after seeing me at three tables. A laughable concept.

The weekend was great, starting with a cookout and $5 poker at Drew's. Bibb beat my KK with 64o but the games are always +EV because people will call you down with anything.

Saturday I was back on the WP online and then met up with Empire and his girlfriend Brigid, who were back in town from Baltimore to attend a wedding. Sunday I attended an orchestra concert that Kelley was in and then settled down at a $5/10 table in the evening just to find x Absinthe x there (Eurobet). He was locked in some chatting war with a donk. Ryan, sir, even your retorts are literary. LOL.

Today I spent a lot of the day with Empire and Brigid again. We had lunch outside with Drew and a few of his Georgia Tech co-workers then later on Empire and Brigid and I threw frisbee in Piedmont Park. Kuro and Clonie got a double heaping of attention from them, as they also visited Saturday.

All your rake back plus double attention, cats? You must be doing something right!


  • The cats may be happy for now ... but for how long? Are you playing right now, at 3 a.m.? No? The cats are angry again.

    By Blogger Mark, at 2:58 AM  

  • Cats are easily tricked. Shhh!

    By Blogger kurokitty, at 11:02 AM  

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