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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Colma - Dances With Toasters

Ignacio the dealer: So back when the Omaha jackpot was $30,000 this guy says to me, "I'll give you my Rolex if you deal me the jackpot. So I deal him the jackpot and he pushes the Rolex to me. I tell him I can't take it and he says "I told you I'd give it to you." So on the third time I take it. I sold it later on.

Me: You like Casio? I'll give you my Casio if I win the $100,000 bad beat jackpot.

Ignacio: I don't want any more watches. But I'll take a car.

Me: You wouldn't want my car, either.
-$6/12 hold'em, Lucky Chances

You look like an angel of poker. Until you bad beat me, right?
-Toaster in seat 5 to dealer

COLMA, Calif. -- So I'm down about $200 in the $6/12 game but there are two toasters directly to my right who are stuck $1,000 each -- no lie -- and I am not going anywhere.

I'd only planned on staying an hour at Lucky Chances, enough to get some play in. But that hour became two, then three, and eventually seven as I saw this toaster who looked like Fidel Castro pull out $200 at a time -- a rack of chips -- every orbit or so.

The other toaster later on would show me his hole cards, 59s utg, J7s.

Welcome to California poker. Where, like in the tradition of the Gold Rush, you can strike it big with any two cards.

That's because everybody's in a pot. I had to jettison my QQ when I got check raised on the turn by Fidel. That meant two pair or better. I had about 1 for 17 in the pot. I folded. The river brought a Q for my set. Ugh. Still it wouldn't have been the right odds (1 for 22) for my 2-outer.

In two pots, I caught right back up, even jumped ahead $40. But I couldn't go until Fidel's dwindling stack was gone. That cost me 20 more bets because I was playing the right way and jumping in with speculative hands in seven- and eight-way pots preflop.

I left around midnight and drove back to San Jose, where I found the Garden City Casino. It was nice. Like in the 2+2 posts, it cleared its waiting lists quickly. But I just collected chips and came back to the Hyatt.

In the morning, I went running, over to Bay 101. No tables were open but it was good to see people playing. I came back to the room and thought I was going to just stay there for the next three hours to play online in my room. But I quickly doubled up with AA vs QQ on the WP and was ready to roll.

I drove back up towards the SFO airport to San Bruno, where Artichoke Joe's Casino was. I'd read about it in the 2+2 posts. It's a beautiful casino, with lots of old school brass and wood. The poker room is small but it would be a cool place to play sometime.

In two weekends of play, the most I've won in California has been $5. Except for the WP double-up.

Even that was shortlived. In the gate area at the San Jose airport, I had AA broken by a set of 5s.

Ugh! Like the Galactica fleet jumping away at the send of season two when the Cylons invaded New Caprica, the toasters have won this time around. But I'll be back.


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