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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Colma -- Drawing dead

COLMA, Calif. -- Driving up to Lucky Chances you start to realize this is a different kind of place.

There are wooden shops with handpainted Chinese characters. You pass by huge cities of the dead.

And then ... Lucky Chances!

Nobody told me about this. I've been to casinos on the water, in the middle of the desert, industrial zones. But not a graveyard district.

It gives you a kind of "six feet under" feel, that you're playing in a realm that is otherworldly.

The casino is about average. All around you is the hustle and bustle of an Asian gambling den. This could be Macau. Or elsewhere.

This morning turned into this afternoon because I overslept big time. I was a little mad to know that I finally was up around 3 p.m. EDT. Unthinkable. I got my running gear on and ran over to Bay 101.

I played $6/12 for a little while and then after a half-hour, moved to the $8/16. It was good. There were plenty of people playing poorly. I got involved in a 7-way hand with my QQ and had to ditch it when the betting went to three bets on the flop. I would have made my set on the turn. Oh, well.

"My objective is not to win; my objective is to drain your chips," this tilty Asian guy in seat 8 told this Asian girl in seat 4.

Unlike in Los Angeles, where there was a steady racial mix, it seemed like Asian players dominated Bay 101. Only here or there would you see some white guy trying to battle it out with serious gamblers.

California has given me trouble in fits and starts. I attribute it to what I call the "Lucky Asian Theory." I find my luck easily gets short circuited with two other Asians at my table.

But at Bay 101, like in Los Angeles, it's like Superman trying to fight on the planet Krypton. He no special there.

In fact, he might be "Number One Suck Player."

More later. LOL


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