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Saturday, April 22, 2006

San Jose -- "Just a little chop"

SAN JOSE, Ca. -- The doppler radar over Alabama was green and yellow with large portions of red, indicating the most severe of the thunderstorms approaching Atlanta.

That meant we'd have to fly through it, or fly around it.

"The captain says it will be a little bumpy for the first 45 minutes of the flight and because we'll have the fasten seat belt sign on the whole time, you may wish to use the bathroom before we become airborne."

Oh, great, I thought. We were going to fly through the storm in our likely aging 737-800.

Although Atlanta is a great southern port, I've frequently experienced bad weather for the first hour or so of the flight -- over Alabama, over Mississippi, on evening flights out to Las Vegas. But this is usually in June or so, when it's warmer and maybe there's more conflict in the clouds.

So we took off. At 10,000 feet I turned on my new DVD player that I bought to be able to continue watching BSG episodes on the road.

It was a little bumpy but not as much as you'd expect. I think we snuck through gaps of the storm, by flying a little more north than we normally would. Instead of a flight path that usually takes you over Huntsville, Ala., we were well into Tennessee.

Whew. I fly all the time but I still hate bad weather.

In the north Georgia mountains on Thursday, when I was covering the story of the plane crash of the legendary Mach 2 test pilot, it started to pour.

"Every time a plane crashes it always rains," the photographer said, pointing out his observation from years of covering these kinds of things.

When I'm in a plane I just have to think that if the flight attendants aren't too concerned, neither should I. Plus, commercial aviation, other than the Sept. 11 attacks, is the safest it's been in years.

San Jose airport is really small. You wind around in circles trying to get out of there, but once you do that, Bay 101 is really close. I checked in my hotel, right across the street and soon went over.

It was smaller than what I'd expected. There are two large playing areas, but unlike Commerce, only one is devoted to poker. I remember reading on 2+2 that there's a city ordnance against NL. So all the games are limit. You have 2/4 and 3/6 and 6/12 and 8/16 on one brush. The other brush had 20/40 on up to 50/100.

The lists were huge, I was about 40 down. So unfortunately, I haven't played yet. I went back to the hotel, trolled around online trying to find some games but couldn't find any and went to sleep (it was about 4 a.m. EDT).


  • Hey, havent been able to read your blog for some strange reason. My browser wont open it.

    In fact I cant even post on my own blog! I used the small party poker bonus (20 they gave me) to play a tourney (regular NL $11). Finished third out of 550. I took 500. I could have win it. I think 5 hours of play took the toll on my play, and by the final three it was really give or take.

    I think I might start playing the WPBT

    By Blogger Victor_Enriq, at 11:59 AM  

  • I hope you get to play today! Let us know what it's like.

    By Blogger Mark, at 3:57 PM  

  • 40 person list--brutal. Hope you get to sneak in, but good that you were able to find a game later.

    By Blogger cc, at 9:49 AM  

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