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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Seattle- Live from the Muckleshoot

AUBURN, Wash. -- Greetings from the Muckleshoot Casino parking garage. The traffic is way heavy out here in Seattle so when I landed I didn't want to try to risk being stuck in rush hour traffic from Auburn, where Muckleshoot is (southeast of Seattle) to Bellevue where my hotel is (a little northeast of Seattle).

So here I am. I found a pylon with a wall outlet and now I'm just waiting for the tournament to start. I've never played in a $216 tournament before. Should be interesting.

Anyway, after I landed, I drove here, put my name on a list -- they had $10/20 and $4/8 games but they looked full. So I drove back a few miles to the Iron Horse Casino and Restaurant, which I noticed on the way in (and wasn't in my Card Player poker room directory).

And immediately was reminded of why i enjoy the Northwest. There were dudes in vests, there were even chicks in vests. People were enjoying this $3/6 kill game -- there were only four tables in the entire place.

"I'm playing blind poker," says this one guy in coveralls who says he's only looked at one of his cards. When he gets raised, he looks at the other one -- and shows me a pair of aces that he has underneath his .45 bullet that is his card protector.

Of course, he takes down the pot.

It is no fold'em hold'em at its finest. We have family pots and when somebody raises, everybody calls. Yay!

A big change from the extremely tight and aggressive games on the WP.

I'm typing this stretched out along the back seat of my car. I hope the casino security doesn't mind. I'm just trying to play a tournament. My laptop adapter/extension cord is outside the window of my car, like a bad cat tail/tell.

Wish me luck in the tourney, all! Details soon!


  • I'm getting weepy here, nothing like sneaking up to the felt for low limit. I think I may even prefer it sometimes vs. my hard core 15/30. Safe travels.

    By Blogger cc, at 11:30 PM  

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