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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Cats play razz in their sleep

Even a monkey can hit a ground-rule double from time to time.
-my response to toasters

So Sunday night I was still wide awake and was going to bed but Mark pointed out there was a 3:30 a.m. razz freeroll. How can a cat resist?

So I jumped in there and was amazed at how little people know about razz or lowball starting hands (or even 7-Stud starting hands for that matter LOL) and poker theory in general.

Long after Mark busted out, poor ol' kuro was grinding it out with a decent lead -- like 54th out of maybe 150 or so.

It was 4:30 a.m. The birds were chirping outside already. A cat was plenty tired...

So I selected "sitting out" and went to sleep.

Later that afternoon when I woke up, I learned I placed 51st! Not playing, just being ante-d away, and Kuro gained position!! LOL Mark said ol' Kuro won a few all-ins at the very end.


So last night, it was the final table of a $24+2 satellite for the $200,000 Winners Choice tourney on Full Tilt and I completely made a blunder.

Six places provided $216 seats to the Winners Choice tourney and everyone at the final table would get money. There were eight people left and two of those people had $1,800 in chips each left. It was something like $150/300 blinds and $75 antes, so these people would be eaten away in no time.

I was pretty much assured a seat.

But then some toaster goes all in for $5,000 pre-flop and I'm sitting on the button with JJ.

I told myself three times "Don't do it, don't do it," but I hit call anyway.

Flop was QTx, turn a J for my set and his broadway str8. River was a dud.

I was crippled and out in eighth place, in the money but out a seat.

I had been so lucky just to make the final table (which paid out money or seats) -- With ten people left, I was a low stack and was facing all-in with 66 vs KJ. Flop was 8T8 Turn was a T, giving the other guy the better kicker, river was an 8.

But that didn't matter, as when the hand ended, we were all whisked away to the final table. Some guy at the other table with 9,000 chips decided that was a good time to bust out.

It was like the Galactica fleet jumping away to safety in the nick of time.

I have always been saying I'd rather have the money, as in three $216 seats I have nothing to show for it. But winning $43.20 instead of $216 when I had that seat all but wrapped up is totally bittersweet.

Those tourneys are so toastery though, I know I'll be back playing for a Winner's Choice tournament if I want.


The exciting thing at least is that Mark and I both are in the $200,000 guaranteed tournament Sunday night. We've both pledged to give the other one 10 percent of any money we make out of it. That's a good thing, as significant money can be a real bankroll builder for both of us.


Anyway, cat is plugging right along. Tripled up this morning in NL$100 on the WP, which made me nearly feel like I could take the rest of the day off. We'll see. I'm sure more play is in store.


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