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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Chicago -- Feet to the Fire

WESTERN SPRINGS, Ill. -- The cats would love this.

I played two Full Tilt tourneys today -- the $24+2 Bracelet Race and the $24+2 $8,500 guarantee -- sitting with my feet to the fireplace, nice and cozily warm. The weather is cool today and doing nothing but tourneys and tending a fire is a different kind of weekend for me.

When I bust out (JJ vs. AA on the flop for me in the Bracelet Race, 44/77 and my short-stacked A6o vs AK to put me out about 135th of 420 in the 8.5K) I go and munch on some homemade cookies and brownies. I should do this more often.

I promised myself that when I busted out of the 8.5K I'd actually do some running. This is one of those trips where not everything I thought I'd packed came with me on the trip. I don't bring enough T-shirts. My running shorts somehow are at home and so I'm left running in regular shorts around the neighborhood.

If you're ever looking for some dependable running shoes and you don't overpronate or have really narrow feet, I'd recommend Nike's Air Pegasus cushioned trainers. These shoes are awesome. I've already put more than 500 miles running on them (and countless other miles walking) and, long since retired, I use these shoes whenever I'm on trips. And they're still good to run in.

I hoofed it around the neighborhood, noticing my dad doing gardening wearing the Lucky Chances Casino hat I brought back for him from San Francisco. They've added some huge homes on one end of Western Springs, right next to the Tri-State's sound barrier wall. The noise just screams right through. I can't imagine living there. Not so good from a ki perspective, I would imagine.

The running is good, although I've been doing more biking lately and can definitely feel it in my quadriceps. I try to run backwards for a while, just to test it out since I'm working on a story about the topic, and I get about five steps before my calf muscles say, uh, no way and I have to turn back around.

I like and hate running in my parents neighborhood for the same reason -- it is so flat. You can see all the blocks you have to do all at once, you're running in a grid like some mouse in a test.

But it's nice and tranquil at the same time. I think about all the places I've been from here, how this little suburban village has been a jumping off point to so many places. Maybe people from the prairie make good explorers because they're always curious to see something that's not flat and similar all the time.

I make it back and am tired yet am curious to play some more. I probably will, even though some columnist in Card Player this month quoted Barry Greenstein, who suggests that people only play about three hours a day online. Well, how do you get anywhere doing that? The online gaming world -- especially its bonuses, is measured in days at a time, not 1/8 of a day chunks.


  • Hahahaha... Well I'm not going anywhere, it seems. How much time d'you suggest? I remember playing 8 or 10 tables for the Multipoker 20x $500 bonus (oh, the days) and Empire Poker, for 5 to 6 hours straight, 2 months. But that was exhausting.

    Too bad you didnt reccomend those Nike's before. I bought very bad trainers, couldnt change them, and now I had to switch from running to stationary bike (my feet got hurt badly after a session). However those Nike's are pretty expensive around here anyway. In fact, my nike training gloves cost around $40 last month. Had to buy them, of course, as my girl was complaining a bit.

    Keep up the good work on your blog. Its pretty fun to read your poker/life/and-others mix.

    By Blogger Victor_Enriq, at 7:10 PM  

  • Thanks, Vic!

    By Blogger kurokitty, at 9:35 PM  

  • Hey, but you didnt answer! How much time d'you suggest one should play?

    Thanks for the bonus tips, I'll be on it asap.

    By Blogger Victor_Enriq, at 8:02 PM  

  • I guess I don't have specific recommendations. Depends what part of the day you start and how many hours you can play!

    My only rule is that when I feel tired or am making mistakes, I do something else.

    You never know when you need to stay on the heels of a toaster.

    By Blogger kurokitty, at 9:34 PM  

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