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Monday, May 15, 2006

Chicago -- A good trip

O'HARE INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT -- I have just a little bit of juice in this computer left, no outlets near me actually work, but it'll be enough to get me to boarding time.

The trip was good. I got a lot of play in, got to collect some goodies, but not a lot because...

I always do this. I pack a pretty small bag to fly here in when I'm not flying on Delta, since without elite privileges on other airlines you don't get to board first.

I brought a pair of sandals that were unecessary since it was so cool the whole time I was here, a T-shirt less than I needed, a few pairs of underwear more than I needed (I basically brought laundry, whatever was in the bin at the time).

Today I had my bag packed full of macamadamia nut chocolates from Hawaii, seven cans of macamadamia nuts.

And then I hit the mall.

What can I say? I hate driving to Buckhead to go to Lenox Mall back home. But I was in dire need of pants -- many of my old ones have pen marks on the legs, from too many times of juggling phone while writing directions while driving on assignment. And a few, the Banana Republic ones, have holes in the pockets. I discovered this at the Sahara when a few of my chips and quarters for Diet Coke tips, made a bouncing line down my leg out onto the floor.

So three pairs of pants, a pair of shorts had to make their way into my bag. Out went the macamadamia nut chocolates. I ate a small bag of macamadamia nuts and was able to fit two of the seven cans.

A few hours ago, we hit a great restaurant, Mama Luigi's in Bridgeview, just a stone's throw from my parents' first house and a great old-fashioned Italian restaurant. Ate my fill of pasta and, maybe not the best idea in the world, but then slugged out two miles of running around the neighborhood before it was time to go.
(I've never thrown up while running but I've seen a bunch of my cross country teammates do so in high school so I don't recommend running after dinner for most people).

I need to make my way back more often. It's too easy not to do, given the importance of burning bonuses and taking down toasters. But R&R and home-cooked meals are only 1:45 away.

Can jets fly on ethanol? I asked my dad.

He said they probably could be made to. One less worry off my list.


  • I love italian food.

    I remember an episode of "Friends" (when I was in highschool I used to watch a lot of Tv... now I'm not watching any) where Ross and Rachel get drunk at some hotel room in Las Vegas. "Here's that macademia nut" says Ross, a bit drunk. Then he puts it in his mouth and "No, it wasnt"

    About throwing up... back when I was in the Airforce there was a saying that if you puked while being disciplinated (having a physical punishment that is) you could regain some energy and keep on "exercising".

    I saw some fellow cadets do it, and they said this was true. As a senior cadet I never try it on a recruit, and I never experienced it myself. Although in the desert, in a very high altitude I was soaking wet out of a "disciplinary", I fainted when I got back to my room. When awaken I realized I had just wet the floor. This is amazing using the full military equipment.

    By Blogger Victor_Enriq, at 1:09 AM  

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