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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Chicago -- Tri State Poker

WESTERN SPRINGS, Ill. -- I groan when my baby flush with 47s is beat by the person to my left -- who has a 95s flush. The only difference is that mine was an OT blind and he chose to play his hand.

I'm riding down Interstate 294 -- the Tri-State -- from O'Hare back home. I'm normally so used to driving, since I have quick reflexes and generally don't like others to drive, that I forget for a few minutes that my Verizon air card will let me two-table on the WP and also clear a blackjack bonus at InterCasino on the way home.

Already, I made about $150 at the gate in Atlanta -- I made a couple pretty good reads -- in one hand, I flopped two pair with A2s. I got raised on the turn when a K came. I correctly put the raiser on KJo and let him bet to his misery.

The second hand, I re-raised a minimum raiser preflop from the big blind. When KT9 came on the flop I tried to represent the K, so I bet it and automatically got raised. I decided to call the $18 bet, then a 7 came on the turn giving me a double gutshot. I checked and the EP bettor bet something like $14 -- enough to pretty much price me into seeing if I could hit my gutshot. The river was an 8 and I put the EP all-in and he had AA. Why do fish like to min-raise with aces?

On the plane I read Alan Schoonmaker's pretty good Card Player magazine article about whether people should switch from limit to no-limit and how a lot of the stuff on NL printed in books doesn't adequately address capped games. Elsewhere, I read some good stuff on playing non-traditional hands in NL.

Also was eyeing Tunica's Gold Strike Classic ads for June. I am very tempted to go over sometime and play in their cheaper $200 events. I'll try some satellites I guess. Anyone else going?

On the plane I saw nearly an entire episode of the Ultimate Poker Classic (2004) at the Plaza in Las Vegas on my portable DVD player. The table had Chris "Jesus" Ferguson, Mel Judah and some other players. It passed the time.

Also started to read Erick Lindgren's "Making the Final Table" when our plane landed 20 minutes early but sat for 10 minutes while waiting for another plane to leave the gate we were assigned to. It looks decent so far.

It's been a long while since I'd been in Chicago. Pre Verizon card. Pre-robbery. I guess it's easy to let time pass when you're busy with other things. I think the last time I saw my folks was Halloween weekend, when we and my grandmother and aunt were in Las Vegas. (When you work in news and have no seniority, it's super difficult to travel during the Christmas holidays).

While my mom talked about things she was up to, I continued to burn off the InterCasino bonus, my dad was busy watching San Antonio drop another game to the Mavericks. I don't even care enough about either team to say whether I'd even want one of them to lose.

I learned that my dad was pretty good at bridge, had card smarts. One of the Card Player articles talked about how bridge players could make pretty good poker players for their ability to break down hands.

Sounds like my dad is eager to hit one of the local riverboats. If there's poker, I'll play. If not, maybe I'll do a Negreanu and have a party day, trying to strike my luck at some other game. I'm down about $55 in live casinos this year, so I'll welcome the chance to break even.


  • Are you able to play any Triple Draw, or is it too high for your bankroll? It seems to be a interesting game.

    By Blogger Victor_Enriq, at 7:01 PM  

  • I haven't played TD live, only in our little home game and some on Ultimate Bet a while ago. I totally would be tempted to play in the tourney at the Gold Strike Classic. I think they have a $500 buy-in. I'd have to get in via satellite tho!

    By Blogger kurokitty, at 9:38 PM  

  • No wonder it's hard to get through security at Hartsfield--you're sitting there making reads and shoving chips!

    By Blogger cc, at 1:49 PM  

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