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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Cut and run

In the TV series, before the Galactica met up with Pegasus, it basically was on its own. It had no way of replacing lost Vipers, no spare parts other than what it had.

In the series, every time a Cylon basestar would show up fully loaded with raiders, the Galactica would send out its Viper squadrons to buy the fleet time to jump to safety.

Yet in a real model, faced with overwhelming numbers of the enemy, the right strategy would be to cut and run. Playing against a big stack only means you're going to get your smaller force whittled down. The Cylon losses would be insignificant because they can reload at any time. While you end up with less Vipers and a less effective fighting force. U.S. air war vs. Japan in World War II, for example.

I think of this in this offbeat way because in poker terms, it seems very similar. There are countless people playing above their bankroll, playing at a disadvantage, and yet it's still done.

I think of this because soon, I'd say by the end of the year, I'll have to purchase a new car. I'm going to commit a large chunk of my bankroll toward it and basically will be starting anew, or nearly anew.

The convenience of having a good-sized bankroll is that it allows you the flexibility of having multiple garrisons in multiple accounts at the same time plus, like in a previous post, being able to weather huge $2,000 downturns without being less effective.

I've never been accused of bonus whoring and booted from a site because I can just leave the money in that site after the bonus clears and ocassionally play there without having to worry about getting picked up by the bonuswhoring police.

I've been playing lower than my bankroll in recent months anyway. I haven't felt totally comfortable with mid-limit play online and I consistently can bag low-limit fish, especially on NL tables. Of course $2/4 NL has been plenty profitable for me and will be something I'll miss.

I haven't bought the car yet but have been playing like I have. I only have a few hundred dollars at my main sites: Full Tilt, William Hill, UK betting. The only site I have a regular garrison of money is at the WP.

But then playing becomes a matter of spare parts: Everything you lose cannot be replaced immediately (for those limits) and you will end up not playing as well unless you step down.

In the end, I'll likely end up committing less of my bankroll to deposit, possibly having enough to play at least NL$1/2 on a regular basis and working up from there. I could even end up getting a smaller, or cheaper, car, as most days I can just bike to work and the car just sits in a parking lot in urban Atlanta.

What's more important anyway, a car or a bankroll? I say bankroll.


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