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Sunday, May 07, 2006

On blogging

I've really bit my tongue these last few months (both easy and hard for a cat to do with long fang teeth, but teeth that have a huge gap) reading about how people should write their blogs.

As one of the few poker bloggers who makes a living writing, I have these thoughts.

1). Scurvy's thoughts are probably the best advice, and the only advice, that should be given -- write about what you like and write often. If it's interesting to you, it may be interesting to others. They'll stick around if they like what they see. Plus, the only way you'll get better at writing is by doing it often, undeterred by what other people think.

2). You don't listen to advice from non-poker professionals (you really don't, do you?) so why should you listen to blogging advice from amateurs? You should steer clear, especially if you see the way they play.

3). It doesn't matter what anybody else thinks. Having a blog is like singing in the shower -- you can write about whatever you like, only many people have access to it.

4). Stick to people who are constructive. I don't even read the blogs of those who try to tell me how I should write.

5). Harping about other people's blogs only means you're not playing poker like you should be. And why exactly is that?


  • Some folks probably care a bit too much, and maybe it's all part of the natural evolution of doing this stuff. By the way, solid progress on the MTT's. Very impressive stuff.

    By Blogger cc, at 10:21 PM  

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