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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

A piece of the Sands

I sort of lucked into my new financial advisor. For the last few years, I had a hodge-podge of 401K rollovers from previous newspaper jobs in a mutual fund managed by this older guy in Little Rock. But earlier this month, the fund company completely lost track of him. I tried to call his number, but it was disconnected. I hope he's ok.

So I got a letter from this fund company that said I needed to find a new rep -- and quick. So I did -- I looked up on their Web site and found the closest rep to me -- .4 miles.

So today that's what I did. And we really hit it off. Susanne presented me with a new mutual fund that's performing better than the one that I had. And its top position (the others include The Man, Google and Apple) is the Las Vegas Sands Corp.

No, I swear, I didn't tell her anything about poker! And I intentionally didn't wear a pokery T-shirt.

It was meant to be. The prospectus says the Sands likes to "build signature casino resorts and then connect convention facilities in order to drive more predictable and respectable customer traffic midweek to its properties." Maybe more pokery customers instead of casino war afficiandos? LOL

They also are banking on their development of the Cotai Strip in Macau. "The Macau gaming opportunity over the next five years is attractive."

Now I know where to direct people who can win $10,000 in a table game and lose it the very next day. Come help my retirement plan! LOLOLOL


Speaking of pieces of gamblos, I can't wait for Full Tilt to reintroduce their "Piece of the Pros" campaign like they did last year. Especially since people actually saw what it was worth -- imagine 1 percent of Juanda, for example. And he won't be playing in the WSOP like he did when Mark took his buy-in. LOL.


Looks like I won't be in Seattle for the time being. Just was informed today, although it may be a good thing. Part of it might have included a poker blog for a publication but I enjoy being totally free in what I can write. And it probably wouldn't do to write about online poker in a state where it's totally illegal.


Donks still abound in the B2B system. Today I won a nice 277 Euro ($348.26) pot in pot-limit Omaha. Someone raised it to 4, it got called by 4 people before it came to me. I had AAxx, I jacked it up to 26, got three callers.

I flopped top set, I bet pot, about 112 or so, got one caller who was all in for 89. I was afraid he might have made a wheel (like the joke goes, "What the fuck is a wheel?") and I was praying for the board to pair up.

And a second four came on the river. Thank you, poker gods!


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