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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Sometimes feathers

In Texas, we say 'Sometimes you get chicken, sometimes you get feathers.' Today, it's feathers.
-Robert Williamson III, commentator on Ultimate Poker Challenge (2004)

Yesterday on my day off, I made three quads after not having a single one for more than a month.

I don't have much to show for it, as I busted out of two tourneys I made quads in (a $9+1 Stage One SNG in Poker Room) and placed 14th out of 266 in yesterday's Full Tilt WSOP Bracelet Race (6 handed). Six places paid, including three $2,000 seats. I don't feel bad about my play -- in the end, it was pure aggression -- I was stealing crucial blinds with any hand possible -- 83o, K2o. I pushed with the good hands, too, QQ and JJ, but still no one built up the courage to call.

I felt like Samuel L. Jackson in True Romance when he was saying "I'll eat the pussy, I'll eat the ass, I'll eat everything." Everything was playable for me and all the people at my table were too afraid they'd lose their chips. They shoulda known that by that point, first through third were locked up and the only way they had a chance was to start doubling up.

I really enjoyed the bracelet race event, because I feel that six-handed NL is my game and it's the event that Doyle won his tenth bracelet in last year.

About 30 minutes into the second hour of the tournament, I was in 7th place and was talking to a recruiter on phone who later asked me if I played poker -- she and some of the other higher-ups plays $4/8 half-kill at the Muck. It's a small world, you know. I had no idea what I was even doing at the table. I'd either raise or fold. Strangely, I felt it made no difference, although I was much less nervous playing when I was talking to the recruiter.

Yesterday also I started back into the world of B2B -- the same world that bounced me for $500 when I played Martinspoker in January. I decided, what the hey, I'll give it another chance -- no way those Eurotoasters could suck out on me again.

The play volume is the same -- scant -- and the play still is terrible, even in games that Euros traditionally play, such as PLO. I got reraised preflop by a Eurotoaster in PLO and when I put him all-in, I naturally assumed we had the same hand -- AAxx. But no, he had an A, he had a J, he had a Q and his two pair wasn't as good as mine.

I've also gained sick joy in taking small amounts of money from Eurotoasters who dare play deuce-to-seven Triple Draw. I'll go in these rooms and play them heads-up. Lowball is traditionally a game played in the South (note the $500+40 deuce-to-seven Triple Draw event next month at the Gold Strike Classic in Tunica) and I feel like I get additional Ruckbox points by playing from the city that is the heart of the South. Plus, 2-7 TD knowledge is required when you play with the Crew, as it'll get called at least once a round, as is razz (which I like to call as dealer when I'm low on chips) or badugi (just for the sickness of it all).

I'm amazed at what people will call with. If I see you dumping out three cards each hand, I'm going to pretty much only discard one or two and be betting it out regardless of whether I have a hand or not. This prompted lots of folds on the last round of play with heads-up Euros. Additionally, heads-up, 9 high is pretty decent, so I didn't waste any time trying to draw and get a bad card like a K or a J. Those 9-high hands really did hold up.


  • Your talk with the recruiter reminds me of my interview right after skydiving. It seemed to work out!

    By Blogger Mark, at 4:07 PM  

  • Don't let that recruiter talk you into joining the Air Force.

    By Blogger deliverator, at 8:54 PM  

  • Hey whats wrong with the Air Force!

    Thanks for the blog tourney link, hopefully we'll both do better. I have to improve a cap!

    By Blogger Victor_Enriq, at 11:01 PM  

  • Hey, I was doing a google search for my old band "Eurotoaster," and I came across your blog. It seems that you're using that term to refer to your opponents in poker games, and I'm curious where you picked that up and what it means for you. Thanks.

    email me -- eurotoaster at yahoo

    By Blogger eurotoaster, at 10:27 AM  

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