Tuesday, October 31, 2006

October's parting shots

Ah, October, glad to be rid of ye. Decided on a whim to play 32o on the button in a 6-max NL50 game after I came home from the Raging Burrito with Doug, Carolina and Dorie last night.

I only had a few glasses of wine in me. LOL

Flop was 456 and of course, I played it aggressively, despite an opponent who was a 15 percent VP$IP player. He had 78s and, to add a nice little kick, made a flush on the river.

That wasn't so bad, though. I ended up donking $250 in NL400 6-max when I had AK on the button. Flop came a K and I bet it out. Lost to overpair AA.

It's so hard to get away from good hands in 6-max.

This morning, I finally got an e-mail from Casino Euro saying that my bonus whoring days were over on that site.

Oh, well. It's only money. I'm thankful to have a shot at toasters in TWO DAYS in Las Vegas.

Plus, it'll be November, and hopefully a less mean month.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Blogger weekend-bound

Just got my vacation approval for the blogger weekend in Las Vegas, Dec. 9-10. I'm going to be there from Thursday, Dec. 7 to Monday, Dec. 11.

I've found some really cheap weekend rates on Expedia at the Stratosphere and the Sahara, averaging about $50/night with weekday rates of $30 and $39 respectively and about $69 for the weekend...

I'm trying to go there on a free Delta ticket but I have to wait for my Skymiles to kick in -- I'm 110 miles shy of the 25,000 I need for a free ticky...

Sunday, October 29, 2006

The future is beautiful

She's a sweet girl and I love her to pieces, but fuck her, man. You got to get on with your life. You've got to let go of the past Mikey, and when you do, the future is beautiful.

Skipping out on the Blogger tourney. I don't have any troops in 'Stars anyway and I'm just a pile of goo. I've run for nine straight days (11 of the last 12). I'm getting my road legs back but I am a little tired. LOL. My two poker cats also are sacked out on the couch next to me like it's a Mutts comic strip.

Today after work I ran a 4-mile route down to a Borders where I used to stop and, usually really sweaty, go upstairs to the games section and sit down and read all the new poker books. The weather is warm enough that even at sunset, I can wear just a T-shirt and shorts.

I like how I haven't run in months but it's never left me. I've done this kind of hard running before, in the months leading up to Doug and Carolina's wedding and the first few months that Mark and I and the crew ever started playing poker. I can run day in and day out and I've never been injured. Sometimes I would run twice in a day.

I remember how Mark talked about this book called Hold'em for Advanced Players. I'd go to Borders, sit down on the wooden bench and flip through it, trying to glean new secrets, while trying to catch my breath.

I haven't bought a new poker book in months. I think the last one I bought was Sklansky and Miller's No limit hold'em. I notice on the shelf is one that I'll probably pick up -- Phil Gordon's Little Blue Book.

I pass up the thick volumes of Super/System 2 and pick up Michael Craig's book, remembering that a boss still has my copy. I always flip to the prologue where Ted Forrest sits down on the game between Chip Reese and Andy Beal. I note that Craig's writing in the book is more formal than in his blog.

I flip to another chapter titled "The Next Best Thing," followed by a quote by Nick the Greek:

The next best thing to gambling and winning is gambling and losing. At least it's gambling.

This reminds me of the break-up and all of the final things that led up to it. It's like how I felt stupid by being busted by a set with AA after coming back from that movie at Dorie's. I was really relaxed. I could see it coming. Yet I still made a stupid mistake.

I am so glad that I will be in Las Vegas in four days. It's appropriate, like how Jon Favreau's character goes there after his break-up in Swingers. You are so money and you don't even know it.

It'll be an appropriate refuge. She was there and I was there. But it's always been my city. Atlanta is also my city now. My route on Peachtree to the bookstore takes me under the lights of some of the city's newest skyscrapers. They're no less awe-inspiring than seeing the Bellagio at night.

I'll be back online soon. Little steps first, just like the running. Before too long I'll be playing day in and day out. Maybe even twice in a day.

The future is so money. It also is so beautiful.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

A month like Kobol

Your head will collapse/if there's nothing in it
and you'll ask yourself/Where is my mind?
-The Pixies

I hope Halloween hurries the hell up and gets here. It's been a month like Kobol, the planet in BSG where nothing good ever happened.

So far this month, I struggled with the Internet Gambling bill, dumped my bankroll from Web sites like a spice shipment from the Millennium Falcon, got sick in Tunica (tho winning money), struggled with the gf, broke up with the gf, donked money in two days post-breakup and have been generally feeling like that scene in The Good Thief in which Nick Nolte is trying to break his heroin addiction cold turkey so he and his crew can rob a French casino.

Yeah, just like that.

There have been some good things. I've become a running machine, right out of the old days. When your pain threshold has been elevated, there's a lot about running that you can ignore.

I have cable and can actually either play poker (badly) and have TV on in the background or go out and watch shows on the DVR after I come home.

I have a good friend who must be sick of all my post-gf shit. It's worse than talking about bad beats all the time. Dorie is a good kid. If things were reversed, I'd have little patience.

I just have to think to myself that if I play correctly, I'll come out ahead in the end. But it's like having your feet in the air and your head on the ground. Where is my mind?

Friday, October 27, 2006

My little winning streak

The ponies run, the girls are young,
The odds are there to beat.
You win a while, and then it's done -
Your little winning streak.
And summoned now to deal
With your invincible defeat,
You live your life as if it's real,
A Thousand Kisses Deep.
-Leonard Cohen

It lasted for five months and luck had nothing to do with it. But Monday, the "streak" ended. I broke up with Kelley, as the long-distance thing finally went sour.

I'm not sure what you can do in these situations. It's like being rivered. It's like variance. You just shrug it off and move on.

So I bought cable. I played horrible poker, despite well-trod advice to not play under these situations.

It's freed me up some. Now I don't have to trade off whether I'll go to Tunica with the mayor in early December or to Las Vegas with the bloggers a week after that. I can do both now.

It allowed me to go over to a female friend's house after midnight to catch a movie (Lost in Translation), something I would have never done while dating Kelley. At least that streak is unbroken, for a few decades: I have never cheated on someone I've been dating.

You know I don't believe in streaks, right?

It's social skill instead of luck. There will be somebody else out there for me. Deal the cards.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Razz follies. And a "Bad Beat"

When I met Vivica, I thought I was onto something/A week later, no, no it was nothing. (laughter)
-50 Cent

The above quote reminds me a lot of the WPBT razz tourney from last night. The ol' cat was on death's door once before winning chips and jumping up to 7th place. I kept that positioning through the break but lost a hand for half my chips and then bounced out in 12th place of the 21-player tourney. I was wondering at the time if I would have enough momentum to place in the top three for the money.

Oh, well. It was fun, though. I hadn't played in a MTT for a while, so it was fun. And Razz is always a strategic delight. On 5th and 6th streets, I sort of imagine in my head that game on The Price is Right where people have to guess if the card will be high or low. That's what it feels like estimating how well your hand is going to hold up.

I saw lots of attempts with steals against the bring-in in the Razz tourneys, but they may be just a waste of chips. When the person forced to bring-in calls, They almost certainly have some kind of low card. Continuation betting fourth street may be futile unless you're doing it for value. And if you have some kind of high card showing, forget it. You're going to get yourself raised. Like the cat did to a couple people.

At the same time, I was playing the Bad Beat on Cancer tourney. It was double-stack, which is nice and I was initially sitting to the left of Rafe Furst. I made an easy call against a guy who bet the min on the turn and 3/4 pot on the river. I picked off his river bluff with 55 for a huge amount of chips. At the very end, a big stack went all-in on the bb among a field of several limpers. I thought that was suspect, so I called with 88. He caught a 5 on the flop and another on the river. Ha ha. You can't tell me this guy isn't a toaster, no matter how big the stack.

Things feel like how they used to, except no more PartyPoker to contend with. I won a $30+3 SNG on 'Stars catching all kinds of evil cards. Went into limp-call mode on the button with a sizeable advantage and stole lots of pots when the other guy didn't hit.

"Can you see my cards?" the other guy asked me.

No, no, I didn't have to.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

The home game, online

This game wasn't good until kitty came in.
-NL.25/.50, Full Tilt Poker

Knowing a few people at your 9-seat online poker table may not seem like a party, but it really opened up the fun to something akin to a WPBT tournament (of which there's one this evening at 9 p.m. on FT, check out Pauly's blog for details).

I just got home after taking Kelley to dinner at Atlantic Station, a relatively new place for shopping/dining/living in the area that reminds me a lot of those fake European cities that the Japanese use for theme parks.

I wasn't going to play but Mark said he was at a FT table with Brandie, who recently migrated to 'Tilt after Party Poker's fatal strategic move to block U.S. players from their site.

This I had to see.

It was an average table, with people playing as serious as they can at that limit. The ol' cat was decked out in one of the new Halloween avatars, the wolfman (catman?) and Brandie took my suggestion from Friday night that she should go as the blonde zombie girl. Mark stayed as the gnome.

And with Wolfcat-like "Aaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrooooooooooooo"s and other banter, the chat box started to fill up and it started to play a little looser, and more like a home game.

That didn't keep me from trying to trap toasters. I made two pair on the turn with the hammer against a fish who raised preflop. But he caught a Q for Kings and Queens on the river, for my chips.

Then I trapped him with K4o in late when he raised preflop with AA. I flopped K4 and all my chips went in after I "min-raised" him (after typing in "min-raise!" into the chat). The board paired on the river for his aces up.


But it's all good. It's the Galaga Effect, you know, and even if it's not this session, the toasters' chips will come your way.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Mixed game Matusow (low-stakes)

I came out of Drew's mixed game last night like the Mike Matusow of low-stakes poker: I won big but am still stuck in that game for the year. I've been stuck in that $10 buy-in game between $70 and $80 dollars for most of the year. But last night, a few good reads and lucky pulls helped me nearly break even. LOL.

There's a lot of chasing, and of course, there's also a bit of alcohol. Means perfect-storm conditions but sometimes you get into erratic horse-racing theory (Malmuth).

The trickiest games to play in the game are Badugi and Triple Draw (2-7), which are both NL. The table knows to bet out big with medium-strength pat hands (like 9 to J high), so draws are dangerous.

My first lucky hand, I thought I had a badugi with 2356, but when I turned over my cards, I found the deuce and six were clubs! Because I had two cards of the same suit, I only had a three-card hand. But it turned out my three-card hand was higher than Brandie's 3-card hand.

In HE, I reraised Drew all-in with A3o and a pair of aces on the flop. I had bet it out and he made it $4. He had Q8, for a pair of eights.

I think Omaha (high, NL) and O8 (NL) are the best games to play in the mixed game because it's easy to tell if you have an amazing hand or draw. Plus there is a lot of chasing in the game.

When it became 3-handed, I ended up flopping a straight with 68s on the button. Bibb had 7T for two pair. All the chips went into the middle on the turn, but the hand held up.

I don't see how people can play just hold'em all the time. It's too robotic. You learn so many different mechanics of the game by playing poker's other variations and you learn about action at the same time. I hope the mixed game proliferates into both the online and B&M worlds.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Something for cats to do after online poker

Kuro and clonie can't wait to get in the ring.

A New Hope

Got an e-mail today from Raketracker.com saying that Absolute Poker is going to allow rakeback to existing accounts.

This is sort of a new chapter in rakeback -- allowing existing accounts to receive it. Also recently there has been word that Full Tilt is allowing rakeback for existing accounts as well.

Rakeback came out of the Web site affiliate system, a way of rewarding people for signing up people to sites. It exists outside the poker world -- you can be an affiliate on Netflix, if you want.

Poker web sites give affiliates a percentage of the signee's rake. Some affiliates passed it on to the signees as an incentive to sign up with them.

Of course, rakeback is counterintuitive to a n00b, who often starts playing out of a desire to play, then starts chasing bonuses. By the time he or she hears about rakeback, he's already likely signed on to the site. So no rakeback for him.

Of course, Party didn't like the idea of players getting rakeback and really tried to cut the heart out of the practice earlier this year, threatening affiliates they would revoke their privileges if they allowed rakeback for signees. I'm glad the Web sites in the post-Party world differ.

Although I don't really play on Absolute, I'll probably go ahead and sign up for it, just in case I ever play there.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

A gift

I've been re-watching the first season of BSG. Along comes Episode 10, which I've never seen...


Like something Phil Jackson said

The year the Chicago Bulls won their sixth NBA title, then-coach Phil Jackson was up before the crowd in Grant Park and told the fans in his Zen-like way to "Remember this moment." It wasn't too long afterward that the coach and players in that championship team were broken up. I feel that's what today is like -- remember how life was and is for you today, the day before the Internet Gambling bill is likely signed into law.

I'm not saying it'll be a scary Friday the 13th, but when the bill is signed, we'll get to see all the cards so to speak as to how each gambling and payment processing site reacts.

For me, I've passed the evening playing HE and PLO on 'Stars. Previously I only had about 250 FPPs to finish before clearing the bonus, so I'm going to finish it up. I've continually booked a profit on the site just hunting fish as is my usual way but I agree with Bill Rini's point last year about bonus whoring as a whole not being worthwhile unless you have a tiny bankroll or already are a regular on the site.

Party like it's 1999

One of the advantages of being sick and having to have done a graveyard shift the day before is ... you wake up at 4 a.m. bright-eyed and bushy tailed. I used this time to burn a casino bonus on Casino Euro. A nice profit for an hour of work. Immediately cashed. If they ban me for being a casino whore, who cares? They might be banning U.S. players in the next few days anyhow.

It's nice to see Poker Stars and Full Tilt toeing the line as far as not banning U.S. players. The rationale -- the federales have had a stick up the butt of online poker for years anyways, so how is this new bill any different? There isn't a sea change of difference for me, since I've had my Party account closed since the spring, in a failed attempt to sneak rakeback. I was just about to reopen my Party account when all this stuff happened.

It'll be interesting to see what a large site like Party does now, as two major systems have decided to buck the bill.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Back from Tunica

It seems like it was over before it started -- Sham and I went to Tunica, Miss., on Sunday and before we knew it we were back, me with a few hundred bennies added to my cash bankroll and the Mayor with a satisfied constituency (satisfied because they gleefully hauled away part of his war chest).

We stayed at Sam's Town for the poker rate of $25/night, since the Horseshoe was all booked up and, for the first time, I couldn't get the poker rate at the Gold Strike, either.

I called up Sam's Town and, although I'd never stayed there before for the poker rate, they said, sure, come on down.

I decided right away to knock out the first day's requirement of 5 hours at a $1/2NL table. I won about $300 in that session, mainly from people who may play a lot there but just don't have good fundamentals.

Early Monday morning after midnight, I went over to play $4/8 limit at the Horseshoe's poker room, typically a good game, but there were so many toasters there I lost about 8 bets after a two-hour session. It reminded me of something Mason Malmuth said once, about how a solid, favored horse in a race may not end up doing so well if there are many horses who race erratically.

Same went here. There were people calling raises with anything. I had KK busted with A4, for a flopped straight. It typically was easy to get away from toasters when they had the nuts, because they would just raise you -- and then show their winning hand after you folded. LOL.

The next day Sham and I played $4/8 back at the Horseshoe, I made a bunch of that money I lost back and then added some more money playing NL$1/2 at Gold Strike. It was nice -- nobody ever tried to play back at you without a good hand. I can't tell you how many times continuation bets were enough to throw a toaster off for the pot.

In the evening we came back to Sham's Town to burn my five hour bonus. I took some guy's stack with a baby flush- he actually went all in on the turn when my flush came -- I called with 45s and he had two-pair. I threw away a hand in which I had top pair when a danger flush card came on the turn and this old guy pushed his entire stack in!! It nearly made me laugh.

"Did you make your flush?" I playfully asked him. Then I looked at his fat belly and it was going up and down so hard I threw away my hand.

I took down another nice pot -- and the high hand of the hour -- with QJo in the sb that later turned into a boat on the turn. Flop was two-pair for me but I had checked in the dark and was unhappy to see the seven players in the hand checked it around! When I made my boat, I checked again. On the river, I was really embarrassed I hadn't bet at all, so I pot bet $15 just so I wouldn't have to reveal my hand!

Just then, MP (missing a front tooth yet having the nerve just hanging exposed in that open space) opened up with a $40 raise. I brought a stack out and he called with J4o, for trips. It was too funny.

But I lost that $200 back when I had AA and two people (including the toothless guy) called and another. Flop was Qxx, with two clubs, I bet out pot, toothless folds, the other guy called. Turn was the A of clubs, making my set. The other guy only had $100 left, so I bet out $50, expecting him to go all-in. Now I had a $50 call for $350 and a bunch of outs, so I called. I didn't hit.

My Jacks full of Queens in the earlier hand surprisingly held up to be the high hand of the hour, so I got to spin the wheel for $50. It was better than nothing.

In the evening Sham and I took it easy. We ate awesome 24-ounce Porterhouse steaks from the Horseshoe's excellent Steakhouse and then really just goofed off, drinking horrible tequila shots at a Sham's Town bar while watching Monday Night Football. The drinks at the casino bars are only $1.50 each, such a good deal compared to bars in Vegas.

I was a little unhappy as I developed hay fever kinds of symptoms yet didn't take any medicine. So it was an early night.

Tunica continues to be good, only because the competition is so weak. I don't mind busting Mark I toasters but I want to keep my skills fresh for when I encounter the ones that appear human.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Redeployment orders

A full brigade has been reloaded onto the USS Neteller for redeployment to the Full Tilt system.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Through the looking-glass

Michael Craig sounds a lot like Mike Matusow and will take you on a verbal journey similar to how he's described Mike in his blog. Gracie, who does voice-overs for a living, has the most beautiful voice you can imagine and Scurvy's intelligent meanderings on the phone are just like what you see on his site.

These are the kinds of days that make me glad for my job. I had casually mentioned the turmoil going on in the online poker world right now to a boss of bosses of sorts who's based in our bureau (who I've been comparing notes with college football lines each week) and he said it would make a good story. And his authority cuts through the work bureaucracy like a set against ducks.

At the very least, it's been interesting. Former Poker Stars communications director Nolan Dalla described his libertarian views on the Internet Gambling bill, and CardPlayer columnist Jan Fisher, whose writing I haven't been fond of in the past, was genuinely interesting to me.

"How'd you find me," Craig asked, an image of Matusow on High-Stakes Poker appearing every time I shut my eyes.

"I, um, read your blog," I said. He went out of his way to explain to me the entire friction between himself and Card Player that I had been meaning to ask him on his blog but never had the chance to ask.

The dozen or so interviews today were cathartic for me. It was good to know that people are still playing and there likely will be options for both playing poker (Full Tilt) and for depositing (phone cards) in the weeks and months ahead.


POKER CATS NOTEBOOK: There's some kind of convention the weekend I'm going to be in Las Vegas (Nov. 2-6) and all of the room rates are sky-high, even for really sucky hotel rooms. So I went back to the old, reliable Sahara poker-room rate.

The poker room rates this weekend are absolutely packed at the Gold Strike and Horseshoe. I can't even get a room at the Horse. So I called up Sam's Town and got their $25/night poker room rate with no problem. Otherwise it would have been about $100 a night at Gold Strike. It'll be interesting because Sham has been at odds with his constituents for a while (hasn't fared well at that room). As Mark says, it's an election year, and Sham, the mayor of Sham's Town, has to be with his people.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Tunica bound

"Are you sure we don't have to hang out on Monday? It'll be fun to do so..." went my semi-bluff.

Kelley folds. And I am free to go to Tunica this weekend.

It had been rattling around in my brain. One thing I thought of was the games might still be fishy Sunday night because of the Columbus Day holiday.

Yay! Hopefully this will be something I need.

Do I go to Tunica?

I've been laboring over this for a few days now.

Do I see Kelley or do I go to Tunica with Sham?

Out come the dice.

It's a one.

Sorry, Shammie. The dice have spoken.

The first day of the rest of my life

Into exile I must go.

No joker, no jack, no king/can take this loser hand/and make it win
-Sheryl Crow

I lost the InterCasino bonus. Only 283 $3 hands to go. I took a nap yesterday morning and when I woke up, it was gone. When I was playing it, I didn't want it to end.

Like Mark has mentioned in his recent post, I've found plenty of extra time on my hands. Maybe things will change for the better. Online poker just feels like it's over, though.

I have a chance to go to Tunica at the end of this weekend or I can hang out with Kelley. I'm kind of up in the air about playing. If I go, I'll no longer be the full-time player that I was, I'll have lost my active-duty status. I'll be a reserve. A tourist. Just like everybody else.

Once my bankroll crosses the electronic Rubicon, the former USS Neteller troops will become citizens again. Maybe they'll settle down and make pennies and multiply.

I guess my world will be more social again. Maybe I'll seek out Emory-style games. Maybe I'll just walk away, like I said I once could.

It's funny to be involved in something so trendy that the instant you turn the page you think, "Gee, online poker was so 00's." Like old Miami Vice shows. Like bellbottoms. Like 7-Card Stud.

Lee Jones once said Poker Stars has speeded up time by allowing players to see many more hands than they could at a single brick-and-mortar table. I think we got to the end of the online poker world way too quickly.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Cryptos have fallen

Today all of the Cryptos that hadn't blocked me out sent me e-mails saying that they had closed my account. These were the ones I hadn't played in a while -- VIP, UKBetting, Total Bet.

Also, sadly, Sun Poker. It didn't mention anything about rakeback, so I'm not sure if I was eligible for any or not.

BetFred also closed my account. I'm not sure which system it is from, but I didn't have money in any of these accounts.

I'd better hurry the hell up and finish my InterCasino bonus.

Monday, October 02, 2006

NBA -- Slippery when wet

Just saw this -- there are complaints about the new composite game ball that the NBA is using this season. It's the first time the official ball has been changed in "over 35 years and only the second in 60 seasons," according to NBA.com.

In this article, Shaquille O'Neal says he's looking for shooting percentages to be down and turnovers to be up.

The reason? Players say the ball gets slippery when wet.

The NBA says the new design will give "a better grip, feel, and consistency" than the old leather game balls they used. The microfiber ball is supposed to offer moisture management.

A game plan

You're fighting a war you've already lost.

Yeah, well, I'm known for that.


The bulk of the troops are safely planetside. I know that lots of posts say that's not necessary, but keeping thousands of dollars in non-FDIC-insured banks should never be part of your plan A.

Instead, I'm going to keep some troops at some sites that have said they'll still be operating -- Pinnacle, for instance, or the WP. I'm still finishing up the bonus at Intercasino and likely will use any profits to help burn the remainder of bonuses at other poker sites before the window closes.

Having less than a tenth of my bankroll exposed is a lot less risk than I had about 12 hours ago.

Just seeing the numbers of troops gathering planetside made me think for the first time -- damn, we had a good thing going.

"So long, and thanks for all the fish"

The war is over. We lost.
-Battlestar Galactica miniseries

I'm pretty sure I'll forever be thankful for Mark calling me all the way from Hawaii at 4 a.m. EST to let me know about the free fall currently happening across the online 'verse.

The Cryptos already were falling but major systems such as 'Stars and the Party system announced they wouldn't allow U.S. accounts. Cashouts to the USS Neteller have been frozen because of so-called "scheduled maintenance" so far as well.

A quarter of my bankroll has been tied up in Pinnacle. I made a cashout by check, which is being processed, but I'm not sure how that will hold up, given that I'm supposed to keep the money there for 30 days. It's uncertain what the reaction by online sportsbooks will be.

Luckily a bunch of my change has been kept in regular banks, for use to play at live casinos here. I had been haranging myself for not redepositing it back into Neteller, but am glad now that the troops are planetside.

Even if I never see the rest of that money again (which I doubt will happen) it's not the end of the world. I'm still better for the experience. I can hold my own in some of the world's best poker rooms and know what good gambles are (few and far between) in casinos.

I'll read books. I'll play with my friends more. Hopefully there will be more time with the girlfriend. I'll run off my poker belly, I hope.

I mentioned before that my last post would have the title "So long, and thanks for all the fish."

This has that title. But it's not the last you'll hear from me. There are plenty of live games to conquer. And I still want to keep in contact with all of my friends who have read this blog.

But for now, so long, and thanks for all the fish.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Another brick in the wall (InterCasino)

Well, it looks like the Crypto system is moving quickly after hearing the news of the U.S. Internet Gambling bill. InterCasino today said it would no longer offer bonuses to U.S. players.

Cat actually deposited for the bonus this morning, but this looks like the last one.

It's strange, since RakeTracker just said they were able to negotiate higher rakeback with SunPoker, which made me think at least that Crypto site would stay around for U.S. players a little longer.

Maybe? Maybe?

UPDATE: It now appears that SunPoker isn't giving US players bonuses, either.