Monday, July 30, 2007

Worst EV move of the day

How about destroying a $100 bill for a quarter?

I did today.

I was on the phone doing an interview and I noticed there was some coin trapped inside my Ermenegildo Zegna tie.

There were no loose seams I could find. But it was frickin' driving me crazy, so I grabbed some scissors and made an incision in the back of the tie.

Yep, one quarter. And a tie that from the back resembles something from the clearance sale rack (those ties often have rips or cuts in the back).

A good bet(s) spoiled

Alberto Contador won the Tour de France, leaving me and Doug in a fan-bet lurch, as we picked Cadel Evans (at 7/1) and Levi Leipheimer (at 10/1 and later 14/1) to win. They placed 2nd and 3rd respectively.

But I'm pretty proud of Doug's handicapping skills for cycling's premier race, as we had pretty strong picks (including Iban Mayo at 30/1) still in the race the whole way.

Kitty cat, ressurection


Hi Danny-

Received the cards you sent to us.
Thanks for thinking of sendin here. I guess the mainland is so big that theres lots of interesting places to visit.
I went to Las Vegas last week and stayed there for four nigts. Had lots to do and enjoyed every day. I stayed at the Frmont Hotel, and think it is a nice place to stay. The casinos are all around there that one don't have to walk far to visit another casino.

So this evening after I built a second Ikea bookshelf for my living room, I noticed the box it came in looked, well, a lot like an open coffin.

I'm too big for it, I thought.

I looked again. Well, shit, am I?

So I put a foot in it. And then another and crouched down in the narrow box, stretching out my feet and crossing my arms so I could fit in it, looking up at the ceiling, like Tony Soprano in the safehouse in the next to the last episode of the series.

My head stuck outside the edge of the box. (Turns out I'm six inches longer than it).

I don't think too much about death, although I realize the unpredictability of variance is such that you really shouldn't assume two squares a day -- the sun rising and setting -- should be written in pen in your day planner.

In my bidness, it's something that is an outcome of other people, something you chronicle. They fuck up, win the lottery, are indicted, are injured, die. Writing about it as a normal course of business tends to remove you from it.

When I do think about it, my outcomes are often different -- like trying out a cardboard box. Or thinking, damn! I am soooo proud of my cat.

The fact that Kuro is in remission is something I should celebrate, being the latest family member to walk away after sucking out from the void unscathed. He is on his second life, his second chance. I'm not thinking he should win the Tour de France seven times in a row now, although the thought has crossed my mind.

Stayed up late to watch the 2003 documentary Tupac: Ressurection, the latest thing I've seen being thoroughly addicted to HDTV. The intro speeds you through the Las Vegas Strip to where he was killed at the intersection of Flamingo and Koval (where I ran in May and posted here on my running blog).

I'd have to put it on the list of the top 10 things I've seen this year (including Dr. Strangelove and The Shining that I recently caught with Susanne), as it was so interesting to hear how a person thinks, and especially about his own mortality.

It's eerie, like Martin Luther King Jr.'s "Drum Major Instinct" speech that he gave just two months before he was killed.

An excerpt:

Every now and then I guess we all think realistically (Yes, sir) about that day when we will be victimized with what is life's final common denominator—that something that we call death. We all think about it. And every now and then I think about my own death and I think about my own funeral. And I don't think of it in a morbid sense. And every now and then I ask myself, "What is it that I would want said?" And I leave the word to you this morning.

If any of you are around when I have to meet my day, I don’t want a long funeral. And if you get somebody to deliver the eulogy, tell them not to talk too long. (Yes) And every now and then I wonder what I want them to say. Tell them not to mention that I have a Nobel Peace Prize—that isn’t important. Tell them not to mention that I have three or four hundred other awards—that’s not important. Tell them not to mention where I went to school. (Yes)

I'd like somebody to mention that day that Martin Luther King, Jr., tried to give his life serving others. (Yes)

I'd like for somebody to say that day that Martin Luther King, Jr., tried to love somebody.

I want you to say that day that I tried to be right on the war question. (Amen)

I want you to be able to say that day that I did try to feed the hungry. (Yes)

And I want you to be able to say that day that I did try in my life to clothe those who were naked. (Yes)

I want you to say on that day that I did try in my life to visit those who were in prison. (Lord)

I want you to say that I tried to love and serve humanity. (Yes)

Yes, if you want to say that I was a drum major, say that I was a drum major for justice. (Amen) Say that I was a drum major for peace. (Yes) I was a drum major for righteousness. And all of the other shallow things will not matter. (Yes) I won't have any money to leave behind. I won't have the fine and luxurious things of life to leave behind. But I just want to leave a committed life behind. (Amen) And that's all I want to say.

I've never cared about the money. How I keep score is by checking what's really important at the end of the day of days -- was I a good person? Have I balanced risk with being able to do everything there is to do in this life? Have I helped others?

I feel like the only thing I ain't done yet is die, you know?/But it ain't how I live while I'm here, it's how I live when I leave, you dig?, T.I. says in a song.

And that's all I want to say.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

A Sham of a game

I previously told Sham I didn't think I'd be 20 percent likely to make his impromptu $5 home game on Saturday.

"I have aces and you have queens, you have a chance," I told him with glee.

"I always hit my set," Sham said.

But it turned out I actually had time after Susanne and I had dinner at a Lebanese restaurant on Buford.

Yay! Dutifully, I loaded up about $12 in dollar and half-dollar coins, three stacks of $1 bills and trudged over to his place.

Oh, yeah. And I had $5 in my pocket.

I was glad to have gone, since they were 4-handed and I was helping prop up the game. It was a bad weekend because a lot of people who may have played previously were out doing other things.

I'm also to blame, since I've been spending nearly 100 percent of my waking hours when I'm not running, working or tending to Cat Armstrong hanging out with my financial adviser. I may never play poker again, I've thought recently. LOL.

I didn't need the extra cash, as I pretty quickly, in between beer and Jager shots, built my stack up to three buy-ins. It's funny how much respect I get with continuation bets. It's nearly always free money.

Made a boat with AAxx on a board that went xxTTT in O8 versus Ben's 99xx.

Cashed out more than a buy-in, giving my Lookouts (2-0) shirt a win. Yay!

I'm glad there's still potential for a game ITP and Sham is a pretty good host, with the pita and pretzel chips and, of course, the Jager.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Good news

I'm a G prepared to die for what's important to me/
Look anybody in the eye who say they want it wit me/
Put up the house and bet the odds if coming from me...

ATHENS, Ga. -- So the vet doc reports that Kuro's lesion is completely gone.

She says he'll have to remain on chemo for five more months, but at least we don't have to worry about the tumor. He's also going to get to be off his Cone Trooper helmet.

Meanwhile, I brought running shoes and shorts and went on a 6.2-mile run through campus and beyond, checking out the goddesses who live here.

Congrats Gnome for breaking the slump! LOL

Monday, July 23, 2007

Thanks again the bloggers and members of the crew who donated to the cat's effort to raise money for the Southeastern Brain Tumor Foundation. Our team raised about $5,000 and a certain cat raised about 10 percent of that total even though there were 26 members in our team.

The race itself was fun, and I wrote a short account of it in my running blog here.

Maybe next year we can raise more money. But it made me really happy to know what we can accomplish in a short amount of time.

Good beats to all!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Snowman taterlegs!

Full Tilt Poker Game #3011097460: Table Esk (deep 6) - $0.15/$0.30 - No Limit Hold'em - 1:35:49 ET - 2007/07/21
Seat 1: kingbollas ($43.80)
Seat 2: Kreaken ($44.95)
Seat 3: kurokitty ($81.30)
Seat 4: hserown ($53)
Seat 6: groucho65 ($71)
Kreaken posts the small blind of $0.15
kurokitty posts the big blind of $0.30
The button is in seat #1
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to kurokitty [3h 8h]
hserown has 15 seconds left to act
hserown folds
groucho65 raises to $0.60
kingbollas calls $0.60
Kreaken folds
kurokitty calls $0.30
*** FLOP *** [Td 8s 3s]
kurokitty bets $1.95
groucho65 folds
kingbollas calls $1.95
*** TURN *** [Td 8s 3s] [2h]
kurokitty bets $4
kingbollas calls $4
*** RIVER *** [Td 8s 3s 2h] [Qd]
kurokitty bets $9.50
kingbollas calls $9.50
*** SHOW DOWN ***
kurokitty shows [3h 8h] two pair, Eights and Threes
kingbollas mucks
kurokitty wins the pot ($31.25) with two pair, Eights and Threes
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot $32.85 | Rake $1.60
Board: [Td 8s 3s 2h Qd]
Seat 1: kingbollas (button) mucked [Ks Th] - a pair of Tens
Seat 2: Kreaken (small blind) folded before the Flop
Seat 3: kurokitty (big blind) showed [3h 8h] and won ($31.25) with two pair, Eights and Threes
Seat 4: hserown didn't bet (folded)
Seat 6: groucho65 folded on the Flop

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Kansas City -- Ah, ceramics

KANSAS CITY -- So at the airport the security screener looks puzzled and runs my backpack twice.

I immediately know what this is. I remember the same thing happening when I was in Seattle in April 2006. (Archived post here from Feb. 14, 2006)

"Anything in here that can hurt me?" another screener asks me when the first guy asks for the bag to be hand-inspected.

"Um, just money," I say.

He digs through the bag, pulling out "Winning in Tough Hold'em Games" that I borrowed from Gnome last month in Hawaii.

Then he looks in the front pouch where I have a handful of chips from Ameristar and, I think, one from Harrah's North Kansas City where I played last night (SPAM, 1-0, tried but did little to impress although I'm still up for the trip).

He comes across my "lucky" $100 Bellagio chip. There's also a bunch of 50 cent coins (courtesy of the Excalibur) and some $1 coins in the bottom of the bag.

"We should keep these," he says to another screener, laughing.

My heart sinks when I notice that my 2:40 p.m. flight has been delayed until 4:10 p.m. I just missed getting on the 2 p.m. flight, N907DA, a MD-90, which also sat on the tarmac for a while before taking off because of air traffic control delays in Atlanta. N3749D, a 2001 Boeing 737, also waited its turn to roll down to the runway.

Oh, well, I guess I'll spend the next hour playing online and haranguing K Rose about why we didn't meet up in Vegas last week.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Kansas City - With thanks to Gnome

KANSAS CITY -- I wasn't going to go back out to play poker Tuesday evening, but I'm glad Gnome said I should.

I'd been content playing for a few hours online, building up the rakeback and finding fishy tables.

What does live poker have to offer? You don't get rakeback, and have to deal with locals.

Be that as it may, I went out to Ameristar at about 11 p.m. and sat down at a NL$1/2 table with the Biscuits shirt (3-1) starting up again.

My second hand, I felted a young player with tens full of fives versus his QQ, enough to put me ahead for the Vegas trip.

Finally I was getting respect for my raises. I bet out a Fuel gutshot and got people to fold.

The young guy bought back again and later got his money back after making Queens full of sevens against another large stack.

I would have liked to have stayed the entire time, but I was getting sleepy. And I have to wake up for the conference in a few hours.

Still, it's nice to finally have good hands -- and action again.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Kansas City -- it's the little things

It's the little things that make Europe different. I mean they got the same shit over there that they got here, it's just a little different.
-Pulp Fiction

KANSAS CITY -- When the button makes a straddle, the eight seat next to me says "Oh, it's a straddle from the top."

Um, it's called a Mississippi straddle.

When the short stack in the three seat makes his set of 5s against JJ all-in, I say "Presto!"

Of course nobody knows what the fuck I'm saying.

I'm at the Argosy, and yet I feel so far away from home. The $2/5NL, $300 max game is friendly but full of locals in the small poker room. The chips are all worn. At least the rake is $4 max, unlike Hollywood in the Chicago suburbs.

Finally there is some redemption. I make a nice chunk of change (Cali, 1-0) by winning 5 pots in the hour or so that I'm there (I have to play at least an hour to place a new poker chip in the chip frames that represent poker rooms I have played in), more than a third of the number of pots I won all weekend in Vegas.

I wonder if California style hold'em is permeating Vegas, where donks will call your raise with any two cards and call you down when they hit. At least at the Argosy, people would fold from time to time.

That didn't prevent people from being stacked by some sick play. The big stack felted two people with 23o and 74o, making two pair. Each time, he had a terrible tell -- he would bet out the lone, black $100 chip he had on top of his stack of red $5 chips.

That means the nuts.

I'm glad I'm back and lessened somewhat the Vegas damage but I prolly will just play online the rest of the trip and enjoy hanging out with the fellow reporters at the conference. If only I had thought to bring my own chips and cards, each of our rooms have nice living room suite setups, now that would have been something.... LOL

Monday, July 16, 2007

Vegas -- it's hard to win on the road

LAS VEGAS -- Finished up the weekend trip with my first loss in six months but I guess that's to be expected.

Looking at the numbers, I guess I was mainly card dead and both of my 15-game winners (Biscuits, 3-1, SPAM, 1-1) turned out to be total duds. I won 14 pots the entire weekend, and that number should be at least in the 28-34 range.

I'd be nearly even for the trip if it wasn't for a couple of beats -- fishy Asian woman at the Flamingo raised me on the flop when a Q was on the board. It didn't feel like she had me beat, so I re-raised her all in with my KK. She had AQ but hit a A on the turn. It was the first time since April 28 (Gold Strike, Tunica) that I lost more than $90 in a brick-and-mortar poker session (42 sessions).

At Caesar's, this fish called me with a J87 flop and I had a set. I made my boat on the turn when another 8 fell but he kept coming. River was an 8 that counterfeited my boat (That's a weird phrase to say, that your boat got counterfeited). He of course was calling me down with TP J.


Hopefully four days in Kansas City coming up will find some wins for a cat.

Also, to make things worse, I was exhausted after missing 15 outs twice in a hand at Caesar's. It was only about 10:45 p.m. (nearly 2 a.m. Eastern) but I couldn't go any farther. I went back to the hotel and of course, K Rose called me, she was finished with her PR stuff for the evening. We were both exhausted -- her flight was delayed -- and, although I could see her hotel from my room at Planet Hollywood, the bet was graded No Action.

I'll get a chance to see her in the future -- being a little behind on the trip made me not want to party. And it was pretty obvious that meeting a 23-year-old former model gave Susanne a weird vibe. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas! LOL

But I'm back in defense, back in the zone. Like I told Gnome at the June bloggers trip, it's hard to win on the road.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Vegas-- Why running is good for you (Part 2)

LAS VEGAS -- Each morning I've put on the middle reliever shirt (Peachtree '04) and jogged down the Strip.

Sometimes it's a better way of getting around because you don't have to fool with traffic or parking.

Ever since I saw on the June trip that Circus Circus spreads a low-limit NL game, I usually pop in there. And then over to Slots-of-Fun next door, a really run down casino, if I want to tool around with video poker.

I did today, and turned my $1 into $11 with quad 4s. Then I ran up the street to Frontier, which sadly is closing tomorrow, and made six bets at $5/hand blackjack. The morning before I made 7 bets there.

It reminds me of my January 2006 trip to Atlantic City, where my jog up the boardwalk netted me something like $230 when I stopped over to play $5/10 limit hold-'em at the Taj. (Archived here in this Jan. 2 post).

Running's not for everybody. But I'm glad to know it's plus-EV. lol.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Vegas -- Why it's good to check-in at 2 a.m.

LAS VEGAS -- I wake up this morning only to find that the sliding glass door to my balcony was not locked, meaning that any ninja monkey could have climbed up -- or down -- to the 19th floor and slithered in.

When I landed last night, I didn't want to check-in. Instead, I went straight from the rental car place to the Excalibur and settled in to a NL$1/3 table. The action was great, but I couldn't keep my eyes open because of the time difference.

Eventually, around 2:30 a.m. I found myself back at the Sahara to check-in. I was sort of worried that I'd stay up all night and I wouldn't get to check-in at all.

They must have run out of the cheapo rooms that I deserve by booking on Expedia. Instead, they put me up in a suite, the second time in Vegas I've been upgraded. The last time was a few years ago at the old Horseshoe.

It's basically a ginormous room, with a couch and some lounging chairs, a bar, and a balcony that, if you crain your neck hard enough, can see the strip. A hallway leads to the bathroom and the bedroom, which is in a separate room.

Still, I'm not complaining. If I had booked on Priceline, I'd have to say, way to go William Shatner! lol

Friday, July 13, 2007

Cat supporters rock

I'm participating in a 5K race later this month here in Atlanta to raise money for the Southeastern Brain Tumor Foundation. The fiancee of a co-worker has organized a team for the event; her father passed away last year because of a brain tumor.

Much thanks to fellow players who have already donated, including: Fuel, Sham and Drew. Another anonymous blogger donated $100. Yay!

If anyone else would like to donate, please let me know...

I'll have to step up my own donations, namely by hopefully stacking toasters this weekend in Las Vegas...

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Gnome doesn't lie

ATHENS, Ga. -- Some of the most beautiful women in the world are walking around campus here.

Good kitty news today -- Kuro's tumor has shrunk to almost nothing and the doc believes he's near remission...

Monday, July 09, 2007

It's good to have good advisers

Before I left work today, my former boss' boss suggested I look into Vladimir Guererro for the MLB Home Run Derby prop, since he is a premium slugger specialist.

Why not?

This evening at Susanne's I saw the line was 6/1 but by the time I came back from the corner store, the line moved to 11/2.

Oh, ok.

I totally forgot about the prop until I came home and saw Guerrero slugging it out in the second round, making it into the championship match with Rios.

It was plenty exciting, even though Rios imploded in the championship bout, hitting only two home runs all but giving the match to Guerrero.

Granted it's a small sample size, but the dude's picks have been right on.

Date placed:
Jul 09, 2007 7:35p

Date settled:
Jul 09, 2007 10:57p
Single #
Baseball - MLB Player Props (Prop)Moneyline
(104) Vladimir Guerrero 11/2 Mon@8:00p

Final Scores
Prince Fielder0
Ryan Howard0
Justin Morneau0
Vladimir Guerrero1
Magglio Ordonez0
Albert Pujols0
Alex Rios0
Matt Holliday0


Saturday, July 07, 2007

Lucky Day (7/7/07)

As it turns out, Jamie Gold's magic was too strong for even Allen Cunningham.
-ESPN coverage of 2006 World Series of Poker Main Event

In front of my laptop while I'm three-tabling again on Bodog, Jamie Gold is dismantling Allen Cunningham and Paul Wasicka in the last installment of the 2006 Main Event, on a 42" HDTV. It's like watching Darth Maul fight Qui Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi in Episode I. Only Darth Maul is left standing at the end.

Behind me, there's a beautiful half-moon window that shows off the tall, giant trees in the neighbor's yard that reminds me of something from Endor. What's really amazing is this isn't suburbia, the I-285 rim. It's Candler, one of the core systems. It's one of my favorite views next to looking out my grandfather's house on Maui at sunrise and seeing the bay far below.

I guess you could call this an impromptu housesitting session. Susanne's flight is late and I'm just hanging out with her dog before her plane gets in. The father of a former girlfriend once told me that long ago he learned to carry around a book when going around with his wife.

I can do him one better -- I bring my notebook. With a broadband card. And I might as well play.

"So you play everyday?" Amir asked me after the second tourney broke last night. It surprised me because I don't even think about it. It's just something I do. I go to work everyday, too. Each day, I set out for a run. Day after day, it adds up. Dozens of miles become hundreds, which become thousands. The journey of a grandusand bankroll from a single step.

It turns out Lucky Day at Susanne's is pretty darn good. A toaster decides to check-raise me all in on the flop at one table. Only thing is, I have AA and double up.

Man, I'm starving. I hope we go out to eat afterwards. I'll feel okay about leaving the tables for a few since things seem to be going well tonight.

The Sham-luck effect

I'm back on defense, back in the zone.
-Lil' Wayne

The phone rings just as I'm in a pickle. I have AA in a AQT flop and I'm min-raised.

Can't answer now! I 3-bet it to $18 and the toaster is all-in.

I call and he, of course, has KJ for a flopped str8.

Turn blank.

River A.

As he's cussing me out in the Bodog chat, I'm wondering, Doesn't he know that Fuel says flopped str8s never win?

Ha, ha.

I pick up the phone and find it was Sham. When I tell him it, he says that Gnome calls it the Sham-luck effect. Have a Sham around and you may run the shoe playing blackjack at Bill's Gaming Saloon in Vegas. Or make the nuts on the river.

A good day so far -- won my bet on Venus in the Wimbledon finals and the quarterfinal on Nadal.

But I can't rest there. As Lil' Wayne says, I got to keep it moving, keep it moving.

So far ahead of those toasters there's a time difference.

Back to Mableton

Sometimes it's hard for me to get ready in time for a tourney. You know, you have work, and then dealing with after-work -- feeding cats, feeding yourself, doing laundry, maintaining a 180-day running streak, etc.

So I thought it would have been impossible for me to make it to Amir's game OTP tonight by 8 p.m.

And I was right. The clock was 7:32 p.m. and it would have taken me 32 minutes. I still hadn't run yet.

So I bailed, focusing on my baseball, tennis and Tour de France bets, played poker online (winning just about all the money I wagered) and went for a short run.

But then Sham called and it was pretty clear both of us didn't really have anything to do on a Friday night. (My financial adviser is away on a business trip until Satty and I'm not evil enough to play online poker using her 42" plasma HDTV as a monitor).

So Mableton it is.

While we waited for the first tourney to get settled, Sham and I sat down at a NL $.25/.50 ($10 max) cash game. It was like a blogger table on Full Tilt -- Weak Player, BrainMc and that ambassador of poker, Surflexus, were all there and playing. Sham doubled up pretty quickly and I was down $3.25 at the end of it all.

We then shuffled over to a 12-person $20 SNG. I stole a pretty nice multiway pot in late using small ball poker, which gave me ammo to call a raise by Amir, which Sham also called.

I c/r'd Amir's continuation bet when a K flopped.

I was pretty fortunate later on, getting AKs a few times and even QQ. Soon it was 4-handed and then three ITM. I didn't have enough to really take on the big stack and I finished in second, which made me pretty happy, given I brought the 15-game winner Biscuits shirt back to town.

Timing is everything and if I can get myself to be a little more organized, maybe I'll make more tourneys in that part of town. It's always a great group out there and it's good to let the poker network grow.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Easiest money in the world

Venus Williams vs. Ana Ivanovic.

Venus won in straight sets, 6-2, 6-4, this morning.

The line yesterday was really undervalued, -380, when Venus is a three-time Wimbledon champion and has lots of wins on grass where the only things Ivanovic had going for her was that she recently beat Williams on a non-grass court and was a six-seed vs Venus' 23. Ivanovic doesn't have many titles and no Grand Slams.

I kept on scouring the news last night, making me late for dinner with Sham and Empire and Bruiser at ElMyr, just to make sure there weren't any mental or physical hijinks related to Venus that the handicappers already had in mind.

It was obvious though that Venus had momentum in this tourney. The line should have been higher, almost like the -4000 line for Justine Henin vs. Marion Bartoli.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

At least I know I made the right decision

Swagger right, check, game tight/
And you should be afraid, be very afraid
-Lil' Wayne

I was on the fence about having a game Tuesday -- it would have been my first in five weeks -- but just as I was about to send a very late e-mail yesterday afternoon, Dorie announced drinks at Manuel's for Empire and Bruiser's house purchase.

(Btw, Dorie is the latest, after me, of people glamming onto Gnome's old school network of friends -- so we have him to thank for the quality network).

So, no game. Plus, kitty looks pretty rough although he's feeling okay, wearing his Bodega mask and having multiple parts of his fur shaved off for what could almost be called medical experiments on his body. Clonie, on the other hand, prolly misses the people company.

I went to Manuel's, it was fun, and then came back to watch the Braves-Dodgers game. I had some idle time and turned on Bodog. Soon I was 3-tabling.

Made the equivalent of 12 buy-ins for my home game in an hour. Flopped 2 A-high flushes, got paid, once by K-high and once by 9-high, crushed a few people with flopped sets, etc.

I'll have to think about that.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The kitty reloaded

ATHENS, Ga. -- Kuro went in for his second round of chemo today, a drug that sounds so hazardous I have to make sure I get rid of the kitty litter in 48 hours and to make sure it doesn't plume dust all over the apartment. His tumor has shrunk from half-dollar size on Thursday to dime-sized today. They want it to shrink a little more before they decide whether to do surgery.

I didn't want to drive all the way there just to drive back again to get him, so I just slept in the back of my car while I waited for the three-and-a-half hours for the treatment to finish.

So far he's been taking it in stride, seems fine. The doc wants him to wear his Cone Trooper helmet to keep from irritating the tumor site but he slips out of it, so I converted my mesh-net small dive bag that I used to use snorkeling in Hawaii into an alternative for him. Now he looks like he's going to knock over the corner pet store.

Talked with K Rose this evening, I realized that I'm going to be in Vegas while the WSOP Main Event is still going, and she says that two of her girlfriends also will be in town, one for a Hooters swimsuit competition. Can't even make up things like this. LOL.