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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Cat arrived Maui

KULA, Hi. -- After logging a total of five hours of sleep (including the <2 hours at home and a little bit on the CRJ flight to O'Hare), my clock reset and I devoured an entire issue of CardPlayer on the Boeing 777 on the eight-hour flight to Maui.

Forgot my sandals (???) -- I always forget something, so had to buy the local-style flip flops that you often can find Gnome wearing in Vegas.

Still had to run, made my way up and down part of the long hilly road that leads to my grandparents' farm but really focused on a gulch made of lava rock that had been swept clean of vegetation from flooding about a year ago.

It made me really curious. I love bouldering and I made my way up and around the dark rock and went about as far as I could without getting too far away.

It's hard to describe this place but I am glad I am here. Am hoping to take advantage of the time difference (six hours behind ET) at the online tables.


  • Awesome, glad you're here! Hope you make it over to Honolulu.

    By Blogger Gnome, at 11:46 PM  

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