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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Tunica -- the limpers have been driving me crazy!

TUNICA, Miss. -- There have been a couple of noteworthy things playing poker here. One is that people have no concept of pot odds and whether a call is warranted. In one case, at a NL$1/2 game at the Gold Strike, this one guy makes it $26 to go pf, leaving him $32.

The guy to my left thinks about it for a while and finally reluctantly folds. After another guy calls with AK and then the folder sees a 5 on the flop (Presto sukkkkzzz!) he laments not calling.

Dude. It was an easy fold!

The other thing is the passiveness of play. AK, AQ, AA gets limped to the moon. One, I think people are afraid they'll get folds if they even think of trying to squeak a raise. They're not very observant though -- a raise is usually greeted with call, call, call.

The other thing is that recreational players don't have the postflop experience to carry this kind of thing through. Once you're multiway with AA, the rockets just aren't that good of a holding anymore.

Making progress after Lime (6-2) got Huddied yesterday. Cali (3-0) booked a win last night. Plus I went 3 for 4 on NBA and MLB bets yesterday, including the Athletics-Braves under. Thanks Stat Intelligence for the free money!


  • I kind of like Angelo's idea of bumping it up huge in live games with premium hands preflop -- about 1/3 of your opponents' stack sizes. I'd like to see a table full of limpers call that kind of big bet preflop. If they do, they better be ready for a push on the flop.

    By Blogger Gnome, at 2:19 PM  

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