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Friday, May 16, 2008

Tunica - A new vibe

TUNICA, Miss. -- Flew into Memphis last night on one of those old MD-88s that made the news and prompted cancellations so they could be inspected last month.

For years I've loved those whale-tailed planes and nothing else seems to mark the passing of time as age. No video screens in them -- these days most planes have some kind of entertainment system, even for the shortest flights.

I also thought of age later in the evening when I was sitting at a NL$1/2 table at the Gold Strike and watching replays of Greg Maddux get lit up against the Cubs. Maybe it's time to give it up when you're not cutting it anymore. Still, it's sad.

Tunica in some ways is trying to overcome the years -- next week for Memorial Day weekend, Lyle Berman's old Grand Casino will now be turned into Harrah's Tunica. Driving from the highway you could see the neon is set up differently. I guess there probably are some other changes too. At least my favorite restaurant in the casinos -- Murano's is still intact, according to the highway billboards I saw coming in.

The hotel room I'm in at the 'Strike now almost reminds me of the rooms I've stayed in at Planet Hollywood in Vegas -- it has cool lamps, a dresser with a small flat screen TV mounted and neat art and headboards. None of which matter to me or most other gamblers here. lol

The play has been, um, jovial to say the least. I had to play 30 minutes in a 3/6 limit table where people's best games were likely "C" games on Tommy Angelo's scale. I had been reading Elements of Poker and had my game face on only to realize being "mum" at the table really looks odd at a recreational game. Still, that book is awesome and I thank Gnome for lending it to me.

Angelo should republish it in pocket size -- it is perfect to take out and read its snippets when you're knee high in a Bellagio waiting list or trying to take a quick veggie burger with bacon at the Hard Rock's Mr. Lucky's 24/7.

No real fireworks - won a multi-way pot with the hammer suited (flush) in the big blind in the 3/6 game. Was killing a NL$1/2 table when it was shorthanded and then was moved to a promising table full of drunk college kids. I left when the college dudes busted out. Down about $30 or so.


  • ahhh Mr. Luckys at 4am after a long night in the sportsbook and craps tables.

    good shit

    By Blogger $mokkee, at 2:46 PM  

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