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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

World Series of Cookouts

Some toilets are going to be taking it tomorrow.
-Gnome's friend at cookout

KAHULUI, Hi. -- One of the great things about traveling to a place with perpetually perfect weather and people to hang out with is that you're certain to get great cookouts.

Yesterday it was a total guy's day at Gnome's friend's house in Manoa with the Stanley Cup Finals and the Eastern Conference Final (cat had Pistons, - 6-1/2), about four cases of beer, two packs of brats, grilled oysters, about three kinds of steaks, chicken and kebabs.

The day before my dad grilled steaks, salmon, chicken, corn and potatoes for everyone in Kula, including my aunts and uncles, grandma, and cousin. Add to that the usual great Japanese food my grandmother makes and island favorites, such as Portuguese sausage (I was saddened to learn that the Hawaii-style sausage offered up in downtown Las Vegas is probably only chorizo).

Poker has continued to be great -- I'm on a run this week that I've only seen in February, when I jumped from NL$1/2 to NL$2/4. I won with AA vs KK in NL$300 on Bodog in Honolulu when Gnome and I were multitabling and watching the Braves game yesterday. Also won the movie prop bet on Bodog -- would the new Indy Jones movie make more in the opening weekend than the first three movies combined (62.5 million). This was a no-brainer. Think of how much movies have gone up since the last one came out.


  • That was so much good food. Glad you could make it over to Honolulu.

    By Blogger Gnome, at 4:44 PM  

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