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Sunday, August 31, 2008

At the Palms

LAS VEGAS -- Since the Palms is right across the street from the Gold Coast, I walked over to see what kind of poker room action was going on, especially because I usually don't get over to these casinos during other trips.

They have NL$1/3 ($500 max) and NL$2/5 ($1000 max). I settled in to a NL$1/3 game and lost a couple pots before these hands happened:

Hand 1: Q8s, small blind. Multiway, flop is 8, 2 hearts. I check-raise a shortstack that had to rebuy after committing his chips with JJ, 4's full of J's and lost to QQ Qs full of 4s.

He bets it out $7, I check-raise to $21, he calls. Turn is a blank, I bet out $40, he calls. River comes a blank, he only has about $40 left and I go "How much do you have?" and he folds.

Love it when people don't know they are committed.

Hand 2: Cat on button with JQs, raises to $12 when folded around. SB 3-bets to $36. I float him since we both have more than $500 on the table. Flop is xJK. He checks, I bet out $40. The dude, who reminds me of Tromley on the HBO miniseries Generation Kill, thinks about it and then asks me if I'll show if I fold. I shrug and say "Mebbe."

He folds and out of kindness I spread out the cards and say, "Pick one." He picks the one on the left, which is a J.

So the rest of the time he's thinking I hit my set and this 40-year-old guy wearing Full Tilt hat and shirt says I had KJ. The Tromley look-alike said he had QQ.

I play it up by saying the other card was a deuce and later that I thought I had 22. lol.

I left for Bally's and Bill's Gambling Hall later on, prolly my latest Saturday night in Vegas in memory. The graveyard supervisor at Bally's twice did not come up to seat me so I left both times.

Bill's poker room is just two tables near the Strip entrance. So I did not play there.


  • Very good bet in Hand 2.
    When I first read the hand history, I got a little confused by the blind's failure to continuation bet on that board. I mean, online, the cbet would be almost automatic, and a check there might set off alarm bells that a check-raise may be coming.
    But you were right that it was weakness, so you attacked and he laid down the better hand. If you had checked behind, you would have been showdown-bound, and it would have cost you.

    By Blogger Gnome, at 11:20 PM  

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