Saturday, May 31, 2008

Maui's last kiss

CHICAGO -- "I think I'm going to miss my flight," I tell my dad when they announce our flight from Maui to San Francisco.

Why? In a span of three hands -- the last three hands I played in Maui -- I picked up two full buy-ins at NL$400. The first one I raised in the CO with QJo in a 6-max game. I made TPGK, bet it, and then got check-raised all-in on the turn.

I thought about it for a while, what the dude was trying to represent. I had an open-ended straight draw as well.

And I called. The other dude had JT, for second pair and the same OESD.

The next hand was on the other table. While the first hand was happening, there was an utg raiser and a few callers. I also called in the sb with KQs. I flopped a king and there was a four-flush possibility on the board.

In the middle of going into the tank on the first hand, I checked the second hand. It got checked around and when a blank came on the turn, I bet it out. All but the pre-flop raiser called. On the river a third diamond came. He bet out $125. I ended up calling.

The next hand after that I had KK. The guy to my right had been min-raising in late. I jacked it up, he called and I made a set of kings on the flop. I bet it, he called. Now I was thinking of how I could get all his money in the middle of the pot. On the turn I bet $200 but he folded.

Still just icing on the cake for a great end to an awesome week in Maui!!

Friday, May 30, 2008

Last day in paradise (for now)

KULA, Hi. -- A trip that seemed too long a little earlier in the week finally, quickly, has come to a close.

I went running on country roads this morning, then finished a FPP requirement on 'Stars in the morning. Then I drove down the mountain, returned "According to Doyle" (I already owned this book once, previously titled "Poker Wisdom of a Champion") and then caught the new Indiana Jones movie -- Cate Blanchett is good in anything.

Right now I'm watching the game, m-tabling 'Stars and FT.

This vacation has been good -- it's made me think that Hawaii isn't tha far away -- after all, for a few hours more than a drive to Tunica, I could be on a beach in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

It's also been nice -- I've been able to focus and grind multiple tables for a pretty nice profit in between sand and sunburn.

But I look forward to being home, seeing the cats, the fo'-deuce, and the rest of my life in the ATL.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Greetings from the beach

KAHULUI, Hi. -- Live blogging from the beach. Am taking a day off (sort of) and am grilling and swimming out here near the airport. Really blue water.

I spent a little bit reading some of the poker books I bought last night for the flight home -- including Phil Gordon's Little Blue Book.

But I couldn't hold out and out comes the laptop. Maybe the tables will be nice. I only have, say, an hour and a half of battery power. Hopefully the laptop won't get wet!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Bodog $1.5K (3 of 135)

KULA, Hi. -- Placed third of 135 today in Bodog's $1,500 guarantee. Ended up going out with KQo vs 55, of course. Presto sukkkzzzzz. lol

But overall it made for an enjoyable afternoon.

Freeroll isn't free (3 of 658)

KULA, Hi. -- I've never had so many chips -- 355,000 -- and I likely won't ever again.

Three hours ago, I entered Bodog's "WSOP Seat Giveaway Qualifier," which gives out tourney seats for the June 7 "WSOP Seat Giveaway Qualifier" to the top 25 of the 658 entrants. 26-50 gets T$1.50 as a consolation prize and first place gets a whopping T$29 more.

You get 1,000 chips and go on your way. At 50 people left I was happy. At 25 left I was wondering why people weren't going all in.

So I started pushing. I got called by AQ with my A6, caught a 6, then a Q, then a 6.

It went for three hours, having more than half of the field's buy-ins. I lost the lead and most of my chips, down to 44K when my two pair got counterfeited for a turned straight.

But I started pushing and soon regained the chip lead -- 240K after my A5 was called by A3.

I got dogged, though. 44 limped from the button and I checked my K9s in the bb. I made a flush on the turn but it made his boat. Three handed I can't fold this. (I didn't have to reraise him all in, though. lol)

Oh well. Hopefully there will be lots of Sklansky dollars in the future for the experience! lololol

At least now I can go to bed.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

World Series of Cookouts

Some toilets are going to be taking it tomorrow.
-Gnome's friend at cookout

KAHULUI, Hi. -- One of the great things about traveling to a place with perpetually perfect weather and people to hang out with is that you're certain to get great cookouts.

Yesterday it was a total guy's day at Gnome's friend's house in Manoa with the Stanley Cup Finals and the Eastern Conference Final (cat had Pistons, - 6-1/2), about four cases of beer, two packs of brats, grilled oysters, about three kinds of steaks, chicken and kebabs.

The day before my dad grilled steaks, salmon, chicken, corn and potatoes for everyone in Kula, including my aunts and uncles, grandma, and cousin. Add to that the usual great Japanese food my grandmother makes and island favorites, such as Portuguese sausage (I was saddened to learn that the Hawaii-style sausage offered up in downtown Las Vegas is probably only chorizo).

Poker has continued to be great -- I'm on a run this week that I've only seen in February, when I jumped from NL$1/2 to NL$2/4. I won with AA vs KK in NL$300 on Bodog in Honolulu when Gnome and I were multitabling and watching the Braves game yesterday. Also won the movie prop bet on Bodog -- would the new Indy Jones movie make more in the opening weekend than the first three movies combined (62.5 million). This was a no-brainer. Think of how much movies have gone up since the last one came out.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Goodbye toothpaste

KAHULUI, Hi. -- So I'm going through the metal detector and waiting for my carry-ons to get scanned and the checker goes to this older guy, hey look at this and he picks up my quart ziploc with my contact solution and toothpaste and then whisks the toothpaste in the trash.

"It's 6 ounces," he says.

"But there's only a third of it left -- and it fits in the bag," I proclaim after the fact as nothing is going to make me want it now that it's in their discard bin.

I swear people. Please use some common sense.

About to fly on a go! Airlines CRJ to Honolulu to see Gnome. Really can't wait. It will be fun to do something different for a change. My routine in Maui has been 1). Wake up before 7 a.m. Drive and run 3 miles. Come back, eat. Play poker for 6-8 hours, Eat. Play Nintendo Wii.

My folks grilled steaks, salmon and chicken and it was delish. It was nice eating a meal with my grandparents, uncles, aunts and cousin.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

FT $750K (689 of 3508)

KULA, Hi. -- Close to the money, 522 paid. Had AA, all-in pf vs QQ, but of course a Q comes on frop.

Oh, well. I got in for free (1800 FTP for $26 token and then $26 token for 750K buy-in).

A new pea roll

KULA, Hi. -- Yesterday after my run I made my way to Camp Kitty and took a ziploc bag full of frozen peas with me.

It didn't take long before I was pocket broke -- I threw all of my peas into one part of the reef full of low-limit and mid-limit grinder fish. Later on, of course, I came across some mid-to-high limit fish and wished I had some more peas! Oh well.

This trip has been a lot less stressful than the last. I've been able to use the Wii to be a good ambassador -- my mom, aunt and uncle have all played on it. My cousin brought some great games that I'll get to play with the crew, games I would have thought too childish to play -- Playground, Mario Olympic Games. But those games will be perfect with some beer or Jager in your hands.

And just when I thought I wasn't getting enough online poker play in, I busted a dude in NL$300 on Bodog when he raised, I 3-bet him with the AK and then he called. Flop was K high, he bet, I raised him, he called. Turn came and we were all-in. He had KQ.

And on Full Tilt, I raised a maniac while I had AA in a NL$100 game. He c/r me on the flop and we were all-in after I 3-bet him. He had QQ. :)

Saturday, May 24, 2008

A good vacation...

...should have a lot of poker in it.

Woke up this morning (about noon ET), went for a three mile run on some country roads then proceeded to play all kinds of poker. Played a $26K guarantee on FT, a $5K guarantee on Bodog (a $4,000 overlay lol) and the Daily Fifty on Poker Stars.

Won a $26 token in FT's $26 Token Frenzy and won some SNGs ($20, $10 and third at another $10+1).

Then it was time to go swimming at Camp Kitty, that sandy spot off the highway that's a great place to see real fish. It was late in the afternoon by the time I got there. The afternoon is the worst time to snorkel since the waves mix up the water. I swam a little and then went home.

I am so glad I brought my Nintendo Wii to Maui. I've gotten my mom and one of my uncles to play it so far and everyone has watched a cat in the Home Run Derby or on his way to PRO status in Tennis (although against harmanz Sham schools me all the time). It's a great social prop to have and well worth it. Might have to bring it when i go with Susanne to the North Carolina mountains with the dogs the weekend after I come back.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Cat arrived Maui

KULA, Hi. -- After logging a total of five hours of sleep (including the <2 hours at home and a little bit on the CRJ flight to O'Hare), my clock reset and I devoured an entire issue of CardPlayer on the Boeing 777 on the eight-hour flight to Maui.

Forgot my sandals (???) -- I always forget something, so had to buy the local-style flip flops that you often can find Gnome wearing in Vegas.

Still had to run, made my way up and down part of the long hilly road that leads to my grandparents' farm but really focused on a gulch made of lava rock that had been swept clean of vegetation from flooding about a year ago.

It made me really curious. I love bouldering and I made my way up and around the dark rock and went about as far as I could without getting too far away.

It's hard to describe this place but I am glad I am here. Am hoping to take advantage of the time difference (six hours behind ET) at the online tables.

The calming effect of poker

Ugh. This is the part that I hate about a trip to Hawaii -- getting there. I got home from work about 1 a.m., then got all my stuff ready, including disassembling my Nintendo Wii from the fo'-deuce and packing it and then went to sleep. From 2 to 3:45 a.m.

(We'll see how portable it really is. But I think it'll be a good thing to have around with all of my cousins and relatives @ my grandmother's house for this family reunion).

I got up, showered, then thankfully got a ride to the airport -- not good to drive in this kind of sleepiness. Still 45 minutes to go before the flight.

So I've been trying to focus on something to not think about being so tired. I logged into a few tables, won a pot in a shorthanded NL$2/4 by checkraising my first hand, K7, and then when the table filled up, got AA with two callers on my very last hand.

Not really the best state to play poker, being really tired but a good way to focus, on something that can almost be done with my eyes closed. Thankfully I made some money along the way. lol

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Last day before Hawaii

I always get like this -- very ambivalent before a big trip and more excited the closer it gets.

Although Tunica was very exciting, this should be great -- seeing my folks and relatives, swimming in the ocean with some real fish, running on country roads, hiking along a volcano (and maybe, oddly enough a redwood forest in the middle of an island).

If the cards/schedules are right, hopefully will also get a chance to see Gnome in Honolulu.

Also excited about getting there -- although I love the hometown airline in the ATL, it can't match United's service in first class. United rules the Hawaii route and it has the Trader Vic's mai tais and in-plane sundaes to prove it.

Who needs a $100K bankroll when you get vacations like this routinely? :)

Speaking of which, Gnome and I decided not to hit Vegas for summer bloggers leaving me with three if not five free days at the first part of June. Am seriously thinking about making a run to Costa Rica. Any other places?

Monday, May 19, 2008

Sunday, May 18, 2008

The new Harrah's Tunica

TUNICA, Miss. -- While I waited to meet up with CK and F-Train for lunch today I made my way over to the new Harrah's Tunica. Actually it is still technically the Grand Casino as the grand opening for the new madeover casino won't be until next weekend (Memorial Day weekend) but a lot of new things are in place.

First, the poker room is downstairs where it can be seen by all and is very modern and snazzy. It is reminiscent of a lot of Harrah's properties -- maybe this one is closest in my mind to Harrah's in North Kansas City.

Upstairs they've redone the buffet to make it look like you're eating in a large scale version of an old house, complete with dining porch. It was impressive although I didn't think the food was all that special, although its supposedly has the branding of a Southern chef.

Met up with CK and we tried out the buffet and then sat down at a $4/8 limit table. It was fun and I'm jealous of their great roadtrip journey across the States!

Tunica Update

TUNICA, Miss. -- Biscuits (8-3) books a win while grinding at the Horseshoe's NL$1/3 table. Greeted CK and F-Train, who seem to be doing well, before getting back to business. Also beat the dealer in one hand (before being called to a poker table) of Paigow $10/hand with J6 77xxx vs dealer's Paigow 89 Axxx. lololol

Also won a $4/8 limit hand with 85s on the button. Made a boat on the river. :)

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Tunica Update

TUNICA, Miss. -- Suited connectors ruled the afternoon, with Lookouts (2-0) getting a win after severely tilting an old codger with JTs (flush) and then stacking him after raising with 65s and flopping two pair.

Really wished I had bet on the Preakness but I did not because I really don't know anything about horse racing.

Tunica -- the limpers have been driving me crazy!

TUNICA, Miss. -- There have been a couple of noteworthy things playing poker here. One is that people have no concept of pot odds and whether a call is warranted. In one case, at a NL$1/2 game at the Gold Strike, this one guy makes it $26 to go pf, leaving him $32.

The guy to my left thinks about it for a while and finally reluctantly folds. After another guy calls with AK and then the folder sees a 5 on the flop (Presto sukkkkzzz!) he laments not calling.

Dude. It was an easy fold!

The other thing is the passiveness of play. AK, AQ, AA gets limped to the moon. One, I think people are afraid they'll get folds if they even think of trying to squeak a raise. They're not very observant though -- a raise is usually greeted with call, call, call.

The other thing is that recreational players don't have the postflop experience to carry this kind of thing through. Once you're multiway with AA, the rockets just aren't that good of a holding anymore.

Making progress after Lime (6-2) got Huddied yesterday. Cali (3-0) booked a win last night. Plus I went 3 for 4 on NBA and MLB bets yesterday, including the Athletics-Braves under. Thanks Stat Intelligence for the free money!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Tunica- Graduation

I mean, did you even see the test?/
You got Ds, muthaf--ker, Ds/

I guess this is my dissertation/
Homie, this shit is basic, welcome to graduation
-Kanye West

TUNICA, Miss. -- The guy in the nine seat next to me says, "You must be hating it inside."

I tell him no. I am calm as two pots get shipped to different people -- a gray haired guy in his 50s who made a set of aces for the side pot and a hipster guy to my right who made a straight for the main pot.

My KK set no good.

I can tell the dude this 1). because of bankroll. And 2). I've graduated. Not that these limits -- losing 70BB in a single hand -- don't mean anything to me, I've been insulated from sticker shock by playing higher.

That's a good thing to have. You have to be able to lose as well as you can win if you want any kind of chance in poker. Take the gray haired guy for instance. He was up in his chair and slammed down his aces after he found he lost the main pot (60BB) to a one-card straight. He was halfway behind the dealer before I told him that he won the side pot (100BB) between us. Then he was all happy and chatty. Let the Wookie win.

If you still think aces are golden every single go around, I might still think you are a toaster.

It's like that line in Swingers, let her go man and the future will be golden.

Tunica update

TUNICA, Miss. -- Banana Republic (5-1) books a win today at the Gold Strike, with trip Ks and a nice c-bet with QQ on an A-high board.

Tunica - A new vibe

TUNICA, Miss. -- Flew into Memphis last night on one of those old MD-88s that made the news and prompted cancellations so they could be inspected last month.

For years I've loved those whale-tailed planes and nothing else seems to mark the passing of time as age. No video screens in them -- these days most planes have some kind of entertainment system, even for the shortest flights.

I also thought of age later in the evening when I was sitting at a NL$1/2 table at the Gold Strike and watching replays of Greg Maddux get lit up against the Cubs. Maybe it's time to give it up when you're not cutting it anymore. Still, it's sad.

Tunica in some ways is trying to overcome the years -- next week for Memorial Day weekend, Lyle Berman's old Grand Casino will now be turned into Harrah's Tunica. Driving from the highway you could see the neon is set up differently. I guess there probably are some other changes too. At least my favorite restaurant in the casinos -- Murano's is still intact, according to the highway billboards I saw coming in.

The hotel room I'm in at the 'Strike now almost reminds me of the rooms I've stayed in at Planet Hollywood in Vegas -- it has cool lamps, a dresser with a small flat screen TV mounted and neat art and headboards. None of which matter to me or most other gamblers here. lol

The play has been, um, jovial to say the least. I had to play 30 minutes in a 3/6 limit table where people's best games were likely "C" games on Tommy Angelo's scale. I had been reading Elements of Poker and had my game face on only to realize being "mum" at the table really looks odd at a recreational game. Still, that book is awesome and I thank Gnome for lending it to me.

Angelo should republish it in pocket size -- it is perfect to take out and read its snippets when you're knee high in a Bellagio waiting list or trying to take a quick veggie burger with bacon at the Hard Rock's Mr. Lucky's 24/7.

No real fireworks - won a multi-way pot with the hammer suited (flush) in the big blind in the 3/6 game. Was killing a NL$1/2 table when it was shorthanded and then was moved to a promising table full of drunk college kids. I left when the college dudes busted out. Down about $30 or so.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Flying to a home game

It's amazing when a few moments out of your day turn out to be the best ones.

For me that's getting 20 minutes to play six tables on Full Tilt, Bodog and Poker Stars while in the Crown Room Club, already past security, drinking a Sweetwater 420 in a tall glass.

Right away I lose $50 to a shortstack cooler in a 5-handed NL$1/2 game on Full Tilt -- KK vs my QQ. Oh well. I win more than half of it back at Bodog by inducing a bluff in a 3-handed NL$100 game with 99 vs a board of x88KQ 3 spades. Bluff was from J4. lol

Work was/has been good, a good, fun and really knowledgeable crew of people to work with.

But now it's a rare vacation. I really look forward to playing in my home casino and having a new season with the starters.

We'll see how it turns out! :)

Tunica bound (I hope)

Tonight I'm scheduled to fly out to Memphis and then drive via rental car to Tunica. Can't wait.

Only thing is there are huge thunderstorms in my way. Hope things are ok.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Happiness is...

...having a pint of PBR and eating a chicken burger at Manuel's while doing laundry, cracking aces with twos full of kings and having the braves lead the Phillies in the bottom of the 5th.

The Atlanta effect

It's amazing to watch the second round of the Eastern Conference semifinal between the Cavaliers and Celtics. The Celtics, just like against the lowly Atlanta Hawks, just can't win on the road!

Obviously this is much more dangerous for a team like Cleveland that has a LeBron James, because he just might be able to win in Boston, where the Celtics have enjoyed cushy leads and sometimes blowout games. (Stat Intelligence wonders if this is from something like unyielding rims, weird arena angles on Boston's home court)

It'll be interesting to see if this is why Boston ends up with an early summer vacation...

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Happiness is...

... making the over (178 points) with 3:24 left in the 4th quarter of Celtics-Cavaliers.

I bought my lotto ticket...

...Have you???

Bodog makes smokkee a dog ... as in underdog

Everyone knows ol' smokkee is tight with Bodog, but when it comes to parting money, they're not so tight with him.

He's listed as 60/1 by Bodog oddsmakers to win the most money of a group of poker bloggers that includes Daniel Negreanu and Brian Townsend.

Heck, Pauly is 16/1. What gives??

Here's the list below:

Shane 'Shaniac' Schleger 9/2
Paul 'DrPauly' McGuire 16/1
Justin Bonomo 3/1
Andrew 'Good2cu' Robl 15/2
Daniel Negreanu 5/2
Thomas 'Goodnightmoon' Fuller 10/1
Brian 'sbrugby' Townsend 9/2
Taylor 'Green Plastic' Caby 15/2
Eric 'Rizen' Lynch 9/2
Ray 'smokkee' Gallardo 60/1

I'm pretty surprised Negreanu is just 5/2.

While you're at it, you can bet on which celebrity will make the most $$$ in the WSOP Main Event. I think if you're in the betting mood, there's A LOT of value here, I think if I had to pick a few for value, it might be Ben Affleck (who won the California State Poker Championship a few years back), Brad Garrett and Hank Azaria (30/1!).

WSOP Celebrity Props:

James Woods 5/1
Jennifer Tilly 5/1
Don Cheadle 9/1
Tobey Maguire 14/1
Ben Affleck 9/1
Ray Romano 14/1
Jason Alexander 14/1
Norm MacDonald 9/1
Montel Williams 13/2
Shannon Elizabeth 5/1
Brad Garrett 14/1
Sully Erna 14/1
Jose Canseco 30/1
Lennox Lewis 30/1
Hank Azaria 30/1
Yevgeny Kafelnikov 5/1
Boris Becker 9/1
Penn Gillette 30/1

Friday, May 09, 2008

Home game (at work)

Had a bunch of people from my new job over for poker tonight. Ended up a buy-in and a half (KoL 4-1) thanks to a boat with Queens full vs BrainMc's AK flush on the river. A good group though who I hope continues playing in the weeks/months ahead.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

A Bodog bonus

Was reading the Wizard of Odds newsletter today and came across a mention for a 100 percent to $500 Bodog bonus. So reup, Bodonkeys!

Here's info from the Bodog site:

100% Poker Reload Bonus
There's never been a better time to play poker at Bodog! For a limited time, we are offering existing poker players a 100% match reload bonus.

How it Works:
Deposit. If you have any problems depositing, don't hesitate to call us for assistance.
Hit the poker tables and for every 10 poker points you earn in your first 30 days from the date of your deposit, we'll give you an additional $1 in bonus up to a 100% match of your deposit (up to maximum of $500 US or currency equivalent).
Bonus applies only on first deposit made per 30 day period. Bonuses may not be stacked.
Bonus is issued at a rate of $1 in bonus per 10 poker points earned up to a maximum of 100% of the reload deposit up to $500.
Bonus is issued 30 days after the reload deposit.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Tunica bound (May 15-18)

As much as I love to drive, couldn't pass up the chance to finally burn miles on my old Alaska Airlines account (does anyone away from the West Coast/Pacific Northwest really fly them?) to fly from Atlanta to Memphis to catch CK and F-Train in Tunica in a few weeks.

The ticket only cost me $5, the rental car will be about $72, and gas much less than if I drove the 407 mile trip. Plus that's about six and a half hours less each way that I have to worry about.

Now I have to get my poker room rate reservation squared away. It's irritating because there was a good coordinator at the Horseshoe who no longer works there. Might have to stay at the Gold Strike or Sham's Town.

I can't wait to start off a new season for my shirts, who can't wait to start.

Death and death by 4s

On a whim this morning I decided to register early for the Bodonkey even though I get off work at 7 and am usually home by 7:30 p.m.

Totally didn't happen. I was off at 9 p.m. and (biked) home in the dark by 9:25 p.m. Had to stick around for the edit of an execution here in the Peach State.

Feel like I didn't miss much in the Bodonkey. Prolly saved myself some chips in fact. Ended up pushing in the sb with 44 when the blinds were 75/150 and got called by A7 to bust me. A7? Really? I'm not going to name names, but damn. That is a terrible call.

Also made a set of 9s in a cash game, against a set of 4s. Good, right? The case 4 came on the turn. Luckily it wasn't a full stack but enough to make me think that the number 4, which traditionally represents death in Asian society, had it in for me today.

But I made up for it with another pair of nice Stat Intelligence picks -- Atlanta's own Jair Jurrjens winning against the Padres today and Cleveland +9-1/2 against the Celtics.

As much as I hated to see Atlanta lose, watching this second round game made me think that the first round against the Celtics was just some kind of exhibition round.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Deep 6-ing the game (Full Tilt)

After having lunch with Carrie and then meeting Skidoo for a beer at Taco Mac (I'm off today!) I came home and then fired up the tables.

I had heard about FT's new deep 6 tables at common limits ($1/2 and .50/1 here) but hadn't played any.

It's interesting. I'll buy-in for the full amount each time, but there are extra dangers at foot. I was more concerned about having pots taken away from me while I'm out of position (you're less able to play one pair pots for stacks when everyone's deep).

But alas. At these limits most players aren't thinking that way.

I also didn't like Pot Limit deep 6.

Really? It's deep, why not make it NL? I can understand trying to protect players from losing their 'rolls playing deep.

If that's the case, then don't have the deep 6 games. Otherwise open it up to full-auto.

It is what it is

Poor Hawks. While me, Sham, Doug and some of our friends and my new co-workers were at Turner Field watching the Braves give a real dusting to the Cincinnati Reds (score 14-7), those green dudes in Boston were doing the same to those A-town ballers.

I was very unpleased to read that Kevin Garnett was doing the throat slashing gesture after blowing out the Hawks. Expect to see something similar when Boston gets knocked out of the playoffs.

But it was a perfect Sunday otherwise. Even though the Hawks lost, I went perfect on three bets for the day, thanks to Stat Intelligence, moneylines on the Nationals and the Cardinals.

And there was one of my own, Boston by 8-1/2 points against the Hawks in the first half. The last three playoff games in Boston the Celtics had double-digit leads at the half.

Even a cat knows it is what it is when he sees it.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

A good start

Playing a few tables on Bodog this morning before driving to the pick-up point for the Braves game.

One hand: NL$50, full ring, guy min-raises in MP, I make it $4 with AKs. Two callers. The flop comes spade, spade, A, and the min-raiser is all in.

I'm like yay with my TPTK and 4-flush draw. I instacall. He has A9o.


At another table, I pop a pre-flop min raiser with AKo. He's all-in for about $12 more so I call. He shows AJs on the button.

Flop: AJx

Turn: K


I hope this continues for the Hawks and Bravos today!!

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Cheesecake but it's good

Caught the movie Iron Man with Susanne tonight. Was really enjoyable. I'd recommend catching it.

Iron Man was one of my favorite comic books. The movie does it justice, making the suit look sleek and hi tech. Robert Downey Jr. is as good of a choice as everyone says he is.

Gwynneth Paltrow, who Gnome's college friend AJ reminds me of, still is the spitting image of her mom Blythe Danner.

And putting Jeff Bridges, the Dude, as the villain is excellent.

A great diversion before tomorrow's Game 7 vs. the Celtics.

It comes down to this ... Hawks, Game 7

I don't want to get all Poking and Peaking on you, but damn.

Last night's Celtics-Hawks game at a packed Philips Arena was like no other I've seen. Even Duke-Carolina at the Dean Dome.

I left work and walked over to the arena with my Joe Johnson T-shirt, which miraculously arrived in time for the game, even though when I ordered it last week I selected economy shipping that would take up to 6 weeks.

Guess they wanted me to have it for the game.

It didn't matter though, because they gave everyone a Hawks "Shock the World" T-shirt. Yay!

I sat on the lower level, 20 seats back, next to this overweight guy. It turned out that during the pre-game introductions for the Hawks, while the lights were out, he put on a very tight Kevin Garnett jersey.

Damn. I'm not saying it was dumb to come to this game, but not many of yo' Celtics fans went to this one. A LOT less than the Celtics-Hawks game I went with Sham, Ben and Josh at the end of the regular season.

This was a Hawks town crowd. Especially in the second half, everyone was out of their seats and waving the playoff towels we were given.

The great teams win on the road and know how to close out series. Obviously the current incarnation of the Celtics are not part of that pantheon. Boston fans should be questioning if Doc Rivers is the right coach for them. Especially if they lose Game 7 on Sunday (which even I don't think will happen but if they do, expect a "SHOCK DA WORLD" post!).

Why their marquee player Kevin Garnett wasn't given the ball in the post ON EVERY POSSESSION in the fourth quarter is beyond me. On defense, they were too focused on Joe Johnson while all of the confident Hawks players were hitting their shots.

It was a close one. Even after I was able to shout "The dagger! The dagger!" when Joe Johnson hit a 3-point shot with a little over 1:30 to go, the Celtics got it down to 2 points. Everyone was shouting "Game 7! Game 7" and I was afraid the Garnett doughboy next to me would get the last laugh.

But he didn't. And now it comes down to this. Game 7. I haven't been this excited about an NBA game since sitting in a Sacramento parking lot listening to Phil Jackson's Lakers stuff the Kings in Game 7 of the 2002 Western Conference Finals.

I'm ready for the Hawks to SHOCK DA WORLD. Even if they don't, mad props to them for doing what no Atlanta pro team has been able to do for a long time -- defend their home court.

The young players on the team will get valuable playoff experience that should translate well into the next season. And maybe the crew will come out to watch ... gulp ... a winning Hawks team.