Friday, October 30, 2009

Back into the poker fold

Techno-Christmas has come early for a poker cat. Within the last three months, I upgraded to a Palm Pre smartphone, bought the gf an iPod Touch as a medical reference aid for her doctorly duties and now bought a new Sony Vaio laptop for toaster hunting.

I've mentioned as far back as August that it was time to replace my old Sony Vaio because of overheating issues.

And I've been without one for about a month and a half, after that old laptop died. Gone were easy opportunities to play, such as during Sunday Night Football when my gf zonked out for the night.


I keep telling myself that I need to play poker at Harrah's Cherokee in North Carolina, especially after hearing stories that BrainMc relayed over lunch earlier this week about his neighbors.

Live poker continues to be a pretty nice part of my yearly profits and who knows, I may have to be a regular somewhere if it indeed becomes difficult to make withdrawals from online poker.


Memphis MOJO said...

I think this link:

time to replace my old Sony Vaio laptop becuase of overheating issues.

is broken (goes back to the current page)

kurokitty said...

Thanks! Hopefully this will fix it...