Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The OOP leadoff bet

... on the flop against a pre-flop raiser in late seems fishy to me. It seems like it's a move fishy players make so they can try to steal a pot but don't want to commit too much money toward.

Why not check raise OOP (out-of-position) instead?

I'll usually raise these OOP people to put them to the test...


BLAARGH! said...

I find (at least in 10 or 25NL) they get stubborn and try to take it back if you raise em on the flop... I find the most success flatting and raising the turn when they check. It seems these days a lot more folks expect cbets and xr on flops, but play much weaker on turn and river.
But i agree, oop leadoff - weak.

Gnome said...

The donkbet is fishy when it comes from fish.
But what do you do when the donkbet comes from a strong player? A strong player may lead sets, top pair, draws or bluffs. The reason he might not check-raise is because he doesn't want to scare you out of the pot, or because you may not always continuation bet. You also have to be careful about raising someone who donkbets who doesn't know any better -- someone who bets any time they hit the flop, and who doesn't even think about check-raising.
My general rule of thumb when dealing with an unknown opponent who donkbets is that I will put him to the test with my bluffs, and I'll call/slowplay most of my made hands.

smokkee said...

IMO players who lead out into a pf raiser with a minbet or 2x are weak. i sometimes just minreraise them back to see how they react. if they just call, i'll usually blast a bigger bet on the turn if they check back to me. a lot of times, it doesn't even half to be a big bet. they're just hoping to improve on the turn and when they don't, they check/fold.