Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Revenge of the squares?

Computer software designed to prevent huge payouts to Delaware sports bettors was activated Sunday after an unusually high number won their wagers on pro football games, causing a delay of payments at the state's three racetrack casinos.
-"Payout Delay Leaves Bettors' Patience Worn Thin," Oct. 27, 2009, The News Journal

The bottom line from Week 7 in the NFL: It was the best Sunday to be a bettor, and the worst Sunday to be a bookmaker.
-"Rancid teams prove to be bookmakers' nightmare," Oct. 26, 2009, The Las Vegas Review-Journal

How have the underdogs done through week 5 this season? Awful! Against the spread, the underdogs are 33-42-0 so far. Against the money line, they are 21-54-0. Thus far, no big underdogs have won. The biggest upset to date was the 6.5-point underdog Lions beating the Redskins in week 3.
-"Wizard of Odds newsletter," Oct. 14, 2009.

It's probably an interesting time to be a sportsbook. Although the books typically rule over squares in NFL games, this season's favorites have been destroying their weak opponents, leaving nothing, not even carefully crafted lines, to chance.

My own NFL point-spread picks have gone 23 for 36 (63.9 percent) so far this season.

Something to think about.

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Memphis MOJO said...

Bookies that don't pay, quickly become ex-bookies. Race track/Casinos that don't pay . . .