Friday, May 28, 2010

A Gnome on the road

The Big Ugly crew, Gnome second from the right, assembling at the Broad River for part of his bachelor's party weekend, 5/22/10

BOWMAN, Ga. -- This is about a week old but I'm finally getting around to putting up a post. Gnomey is getting married this Sunday, so last week, the Big Ugly crew took him out for his bachelor's party weekend.

We started out with kayaking on the Broad River. It's amazingly cheap -- $20 gets you pretty much everything you'll need -- a life jacket, a one-person kayak, a paddle. You can even rent lightweight coolers for beer. They even provide the ice.

The place was packed with a lot of college kids, since it's not too far away from the University of Georgia.

I wore a pair of aqua socks I bought once on Maui and they really helped with the slippery rocks -- we stopped at several places along the way. I wasn't sure how my skillz would be since I've never been in this kind of boat before, but I just made sure that I kept the bow pointed forward as we floated down little rapids. I think I was the only one of our group to not go overboard in some way or fashion, so yay canoeing experience when I was little.

Anyway, I rarely have my camera for events, so it was nice that I had that this time around. I was also thankful for the waterproof pouch my gf lent me.

The weekend continued in Athens, Ga. with lots more drinking and other festivities.

Gnome's wedding this Sunday will be pretty exciting, so I hope to update more in another post, hopefully with pictures!


Gnome said...

It was a great time. Thanks for taking photos! See you at the wedding.

Memphis MOJO said...

Nice photos, GL to Gnome.