Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Look before you leap!

Yesterday I thought I was in a pretty cushy spot. As the preflop raiser with AQs, I flopped top pair, top kicker plus the nut flush draw.

I was overjoyed when the small blind decided to check-raise me. So I got all my money in and ... lost to A5s two pair.

I was surprised that I was a pretty big dog in this, about 45 percent to his 55 percent from the flop. Plenty of outs but not quite enough to get the job done.

I guess that's why it's always good to analyze hands to help with future poker choices.

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Gnome said...

But you're still getting it in on the flop against villain's range of hands. You're way ahead of his range.
You can't fold no matter what happens. It's still a coinflip situation.