Saturday, August 07, 2010

A run on the Strip

A few years ago I was headed to my hotel room when I noticed cones and an electronic sign warning drivers of a race the next morning along the Strip.

The next morning, I was kicking myself for not knowing what is now called the Rock'n'Roll Las Vegas Half Marathon.

After having a really great time at the Rock'n'Roll Chicago Half Marathon last Sunday in the Windy City, I've been thinking about combining poker, great food and running by participating in the Dec. 5 race.

Other bloggers, notably Recess Rampage, have run in it already and it sounds like a great race.

One drawback is it's a week before the poker bloggers gathering. Luckily the Atlanta Falcons have away games on both Sundays.

Anyway, we will have to see...

1 comment:

pokerpeaker said...

I have wished often that the blogger gathering and the half marathon could take place on the same weekend...