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Friday, February 11, 2011

Travels with Toaster

DALLAS -- About a year and a half ago I was with my now-fiancee in New Orleans for one of her conferences.

We were getting tired of eating heavy, expensive hotel breakfasts when I came upon the perfect thing in the French Quarter -- a $9 toaster at a Walgreen's. I scooped it up with a loaf of bread and squeezable jelly.

It was perfect -- we usually just eat toast in the mornings, so why pay $10 bucks for it at a restaurant?

So the tradition of the travel toaster was born. It fits in my carry-on bag and although I've been surprised that it's never been pulled for inspection at the airport, it never has.

I've brought it with me on trips to Chicago, Hollywood, Fla., and even downtown Atlanta when we stayed last year at the Omni Hotel right by the start of the ING Georgia Marathon and Half Marathon.

Right now it's in Dallas providing me with some much needed toast and whatever else I raided from the Delta Sky Club -- some Tillamook Monterey Jack Cheese, an individual packet of hummus dip and Nutella. (The Sky Club has really upped its offerings recently -- I should have snagged some of the cranberry cookies).

So while my fiancee is at a conference, I'm free to explore the city -- and go on a massive point run on Full Tilt. My semi-yearly bonus is about to expire on Valentine's Day.

So more updates ... and more delicious free toast.


  • A friend of mine and his wife went to a national bridge tournament. They were going to be there 11 days, and wanted a fridge in the room The hotel, however, wanted $10 a day. Instead of spending $110, they walked next door to a downtown Wal-Mart and bought one for $69.

    Even if they left it in the room when they checked out, they were still ahead of the game. Instead, they sent it home on one of the two semi trucks that carried the bridge supplies back to Memphis!

    By Blogger Memphis MOJO, at 3:02 PM  

  • Nice!

    By Blogger kurokitty, at 8:06 AM  

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