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Saturday, March 05, 2011

Beating the computer in Roshambo

The New York Times today has an interesting interactive that pits you versus a computer that throws Roshambo.

This, of course, is something that's irresistable to me, both as a poker player and as someone who loves randomization.

Here's how it stacked up:

Round 1: Computer 1, Cat: 0. Having an aggressive strategy to Roshambo, I throw rock. The computer instantly sums me up and throws paper.

Round 2: Computer 1, Cat: 1. The computer doesn't realize how aggressive I am when I go back to throwing rock. It throws scissors.

Round 3: Computer 1, Cat: 1. I go with paper now, and it does too.

Round 4: Computer 1, Cat: 1. I throw rock. It does, too.

Round 5: Computer 1, Cat: 2. I change it up and throw scissors, just when the computer thinks that I am the most aggressive person on the planet and throws paper to foil what would have been my fourth rock in a row. Not in the real world, compy.

Round 6: Computer 2, Cat: 2. I mix it up at the wrong time and throw paper when the computer throws scissors.

Round 7: Computer 2, Cat: 2. I throw paper again and it matches.

Round 8: Computer 2, Cat: 3. I dare it to throw paper again but this time my rock beats its scissors.

Round 9: Computer 3, Cat: 3. I throw the scissors and it foils me with a rock.

Round 10: Computer 3, Cat: 3. Not to be undaunted, I throw scissors again. it does so.

Round 11: Computer 3, Cat: 4. I throw paper now when it throws rock, possibly picking up on my three-throw pattern from the opener.

Round 12: Computer 3, Cat: 5. It's close-out time, so I throw a rock and it follows with scissors.

The interactive says you need 20 rounds to post your results, so I continue.

Round 13: Computer 4, Cat: 5. I throw scissors when it decides to go rock.

Round 14: Computer 4, Cat: 6. I do what it did and throw a rock when it throws scissors.

Round 15: Computer 4, Cat: 6. I throw another rock for the set-up, but it does the same.

Round 16: Computer 5, Cat: 6. I throw paper now, but it responds with scissors.

Round 17: Computer 5, Cat: 7. I throw scissors and it decides paper is, right, possibly thinking that after throwing paper I have gone with rock three times in this series.

Round 18: Computer 6, Cat: 7. I throw paper now, not realizing I've done this after scissors twice already. It's ready with the scissors.

Round 19: Computer 6, Cat: 7. I throw scissors for the set-up, it matches.

Round 20: Computer 6, Cat: 8. FTW. It doesn't know that I like to close out with rock, but I do it anyway. It decides to throw three scissors in a row for the loss.


  • Who woulda thought rock paper scissors would be so exciting!?!??!?

    By Blogger The Poker Meister, at 4:15 PM  

  • me 6, computer 4... I would have done better, but I kept guessing what the comp would do and doing the same thing without thinking, rather than countering it... I'd get my ass kicked if I went up against someone like perry friedman...

    By Blogger BLAARGH!, at 2:03 AM  

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