Sunday, April 10, 2011

Crossed signals

Sometimes when I don't play as much as I should, I don't play as optimally as I should in hands.

Case in point just now when I had flopped a set in late position with 22 and there was a bet and a raise.

I called it, really should have raised, and then the raiser bet out the turn with three flush cards showing.

On the river, when the opponent also had a chance to make a straight, he laid out a nice value bet and I called after going into the tank.

It's hard enough to make the right choices in poker, let alone when you come in cold.


Earlier in the day, Sham and I met up with Skidoo and son at Turner Field for some tailgating and a Braves game. It was good seeing you and we'll have to get another group out soon!

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23skidoo said...

Good time and a great tailgate! Thanks a bunch kuro!