Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Back to Bodog

Dunno why, but today I logged onto Bodog and saw some hands. It's been a while since I've done so.

The fear I guess is that I'd become incredibly rusty not playing for a long while but I think I miss the electronic humming of cards being dealt, the monotony of beeps while you wait for a hand.

Decided to play even lower than normal, $.02/.05, and was entertained when a hand would pop up, say, 83 and I'd think "Snowman Taterlegs." Guess I haven't forgotten much at all.

Of course, the CR offense still is with me. I would love folds when I'd open raise with 88 or A5s and pick up the blinds. Or when someone called and I'd have to c-bet. And then get a fold.

I realize it's not the money I play for but maybe just for the nostalgia of playing a game that I'd once been pretty proficient at.

UPDATE: I triple up when I limp (I never do this) in late with JJ and get a flop of Q2J. All in 3 way on the flop vs 22, Q2.

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