Thursday, February 14, 2013

Nobody knows what's on the board?

OCEANSIDE, Calif. -- So we're all just sitting there, at a $2/3 NL table at Ocean's Eleven, with the dealer mucking the cards and everyone having a blank look on their faces.

Only thing is, two players are in the middle of being all-in.

In nearly 10 years of playing poker I have never seen this happen. We flew into San Diego for the funeral of my wife's grandmother and were staying up the road at Solana Beach. Equidistant between this poker room and San Diego's Palomar, the temptation was too great not to play in the evenings. Especially during President's Day weekend.

So anyway, the older blonde woman in the three seat goes all-in on the turn. The five seat folds. The guy in the Sham (9) seat starts thinking about it and while he's doing that, the dealer starts to flip over the board to muck it.

While the dealer is doing that, the dude in the Sham seat says, "all-in."

So everyone at the entire table is just staring blankly at the felt while the supervisor comes over.

The dealer explains what happened. But neither he nor anyone else seems to remember what was on the board -- including the people who decided to push all their chips on the middle BECAUSE OF THE CARDS ON THE BOARD.


Normally I won't say a word in this kind of situation, especially if I'm not in the middle of it. But the incredibleness of this is just too much to bear.

So I go, "Wasn't the board K,8,7?"

And then everyone says yes. The dealer starts to remember it. The players start to remember it. Then the dealer starts to flip over cards. A,A. A, T.

It's clear he is not sure where his mucked board is.

Um, it's over there, I point.

He flips it over. Sure enough, it's a K, 8, 7 flop.

The supervisor asks the two all-in players if they agree that's how the board is. They do.

Play ball.

A 4 comes on the turn with a blank on the river. The blonde shows AKo for top pair, top kicker. The Sham seat turns over 56o for a straight. The chips go to him and the universe seems to be righted again.

For jest, I say: "Who mucked their aces?" lololol


The Poker Meister said...

Nice story. How'd you like Palomar? I really felt like I took my life into my hands visiting that place... Oceans Eleven seemed multitudes better...

Memphis MOJO said...

Funny story. You'll see just about anything at the poker table.

I went through and cleaned up my list in my reader and almost culled this one (inactivity). Glad I didn't and hope married life is treating you well.

kurokitty said...

Ya. I didn't go to Palomar. Gnome had been there previously and it sounded like it didn't seem like anything special. I went to Oceanside first and once I learned the way, just kept going there since the games felt like very recreational poker games, only much more than Gnome's $5 buy-in nights!

kurokitty said...

Thanks Mojo!